thank you for the meows!

The GOOD news, is that I woke up at 5am to a Cougar face on my pillow, and we then proceeded to have a ten minute chin rub session – the kind where when I stop, he inserts his head under my hand. Then of course, since Juno ssensed that I was up, she decided that it was time for me to feed her royal self (she’s SOOOO sassy!) so I fed the other two furry beasts, and was going to get the syringe for Cougs, then decided to give regular feeding a go – I mixed his food with a little bit of water, and put it on his regular plate and he ate about 5 or 6 licks!

I went to get the syringe, and Cougs went behind the couch! πŸ™‚

He recently just came out to see what I was doing, and snuggled for a bit. I was able to give him a bit of water via syringe, and will continue to supplement his efforts with the syringe today. I’ll still bring him to see his vet tomorrow, and hopefully, we can figure out what happened. Narda thinks that his teeth might be a culprit. I hope it’s not his thyroid.

But all of this to say, he’s getting better. He still has a ways to go, but the nightmarish fantasy of having to put him to sleep tomorrow is no longer a nightmarish fantasy, and not even an option, based on his rate of improvement. He just started a mild form of self grooming – which is another improvement!

Please continue to send good meaowful thoughts his way, I thank you for the earlier ones – I really think it helped…

One thought on “thank you for the meows!

  1. Oh, wow Shelli-what a stressful weekend you had! Wishing Cougs a good appointment today and I hope that everything will be better for him……..:(

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