back from the vet

We are back from the vet, and our FABULOUS, DEAR Doctor Cotter said the “new graduates that intern at the kitty hospital are a little gung-ho” – Cougs Did NOT have a heart murmur OR a thyroid issue, he probably just had a bug, and we came home with some more sub-q fluids and some ever popular antibiotics! Thos kitty ER folks had me all in a tizzy, thinking that Cougs had thyroid cancer or something…. Cougie DID lose an entire pound since his last visit on june 9th, but that may have been from not eating for a few days. he said to keep an eye on him, and if he doens’t improve, to bring him back in, but he thought Cougs was getting better….

(doing a little happy dance!)

3 thoughts on “back from the vet

  1. YAH! Awesome news! You go, Cougs!

    Glad that everything’s okay with the little guy…what a load off your mind….

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