I know I haven’t written much in a while, and I actually have LOTS to say.

But I work in academia, and the semester starts next week, and I spent most of my life being a produciton stage manger, NOT a university administrator, so I currently owe LOTS of people on my floor LOTS of alcohol and flowers for helping me through the latest budget Excel Spreadshit.

Yes, Excel SpreadSHIT.

I can do basic Excel, but it took 2 people to clean up the attempt I made at simply “plunking in the numbers” to an already existing formula.

OY. Ella, Mark, if you are out there in Blog land…


On the brigher side of things, we’ve discovered “gay TV” -it’s a NEW channel called LOGO – on Time Warner Cable in NYC, it’s channel 155. It’s WAY cool – Lesbian comics, gay-themed movies, advertising targeted towards a gay audience – I LOVE LOGO!


Tell them thanks, would ya, and watch it. It’s some good TV, NOT cheesy.

3 thoughts on “apologies

  1. LOGO is not offered in our area, but I’ve gone through their website and made the suggestion to our cable company a few times over the last few months. It says something like “Your provider has not yet accepted LOGO in your area.” Anyway, glad to hear it’ll be worth it one day. 🙂

  2. Until a month ago I worked in academia too – believe it or not, with ‘only’ nine years under my belt, I was one of the first to get laid off – and people invariably are very amazed to hear that colleges and universities are made up of more than professors and the physical plant.

    ‘What do you do?’

    ‘I’m a designer.’

    ‘Oh, you teach design?’


    Anyway, congrats on the ExHELL sheet. I suspect that if you had to do it at home, you’d be working with ruled paper and a calculator.

    And yes, I will campaign my local Insight provider to carry LOGO. LOGO for everyone!

  3. Oh *snap* they are showing Prisilla. Love that flick. This station was a long time coming glad to see it finally becoming a reality.

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