nothing much to report, but thanks for asking…

So now that we are in the official “two week wait form hell,” there’ snot much to report.

I DID speak to our lovely social worker, and also kind of “came out” to her that we’re sending our stuff off to Friends in Adoption. So that felt good to ‘come clean.” We still hope to adopt through Spence Chapin, as a) they’re cheaper, and b) we like them!

We vary our conversations between how to raise the “FK” (future kid), to how in the heck are we going to pay for/deal with child care? I tend to believe that it will all just “work out” and Narda’s more of the “let’s have a plan” kind of gal. I think she’s right, but I also need to just have some faith in it all – that when it happens, we’ll work it out – I’ll take time off of work, dad can come in for a while, we’ll get child care for a few days a week, and we’ll keep playing the lottery…

Narda is also suddenly on the kick of ‘refinancing” or getting a home equity loan. Granted, it’s kind of sexy, in that we could certainly get new countertops, and do a few more home improvement things, “BB” (Before baby), and pay off the rest of the “sperm debt” that we have – but a part of me is skeptical of it – do any of you have experience in the “re-fi” area? How was it, do you have advice?

Thanks, as always – just for listening, and letting me share…

3 thoughts on “nothing much to report, but thanks for asking…

  1. Just catching up after a long weekend. Can’t give any advice on the re-fi as we have yet to purchase our first home.

    When the day comes (and it will come soon!) you can count on us for some sitting. 🙂

  2. We refinanced last year and got a revolving line of credit. I would recommend that but the process was a bit of a pain especially since the appraisal came out lower than we thought it should. The advantages, obviously, are that the interest is tax deductable and the interest rates are still lower than with credit cards and with a LOC you can pay it off and then have it around to use later if you need (like for maternity leave?)

    If the market where you are is balooning now is a good time to do something like that.

  3. We just refied the house about 3 months ago for a lower interest rate. Closing costs suck, the whole process sucks. If you need it, do it. I did it because it was way cheaper in the long run to get into the lower rate.
    I’ve also done it once before for a different house to build on to it. It worked, and I got the money back. But just remember you’ll be paying all that off as long as you are still paying on the house.

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