what would you do?

if you had $300.00, would you:

A) Buy one vial of donor sperm for an insem


B) Buy $300.00 worth of lottery tickets?

Narda and I had talked about trying some sperm in November and December (we can float about 300 bucks – so it’d be just ONE vial per month). She then had the idea of buying the lottery tickets instead.

She thinks the chances are the same. I had laughed it off at first, but now, I am kind of intrigued.

What do you think? Sperm? Or Lottery tickets?

Things that make you go, hmmmmmmmm.

12 thoughts on “what would you do?

  1. I vote sperm.
    I wish I could add “sperm” to my wish list on amazon.
    Maybe you could do one month sperm, one month tickets??

  2. I would definitely go with sperm…Supposedly with “unexplained infertility” you have about a 1% chance of conceiving (is it per cycle or per year???)
    Anyway, the chance of winning significant money in the lottery (enough to do IVF or buy lots of sperm) i think are much LESS than that.

    That’s just me…i’ve never bought a lottery ticket and probably never will.

    We usually think things like “sperm or new roof on the garage?” “sperm or new truck engine?” “sperm or adoption homestudy?”

  3. Sperm! Think of what a great story it would be if it worked. And think of it this way…if the odds are the same, then if the sperm didn’t work, then you wouldn’t have won the lottery. If the sperm does work, then you would have won the lottery, but if you’re pregnant, then who needs all that money for sperm?!!

    Does that make sense? I’ve confused myself.

  4. But then you’d need to win TWICE, Shel. You’d have to hit the infinitesimal odds on the lottery first, then hit the fertilottery (admittedly smaller but still daunting odds). And the odds of back to back wins with small odds? Utterly microscopic.

    So I still say SPERM, SPERM, SPERM!

  5. Good point, Jen! The chances of both happening…slim. I vote sperm, but then, I think I have an addiction to sperm.

  6. Uh………..


    Seriously, the odds of hitting the lottery? Plus, think of it this way-the $300 you’d spend and ultimately lose on the lottery will ultimately go to the winner, so you’d make someone else rich and you two spermless.

    Plus, using sperm guarantees SOME kind of nookie or intimacy (gotta get those spermies where they need to go, right?) and, let’s face it-lottery tickets can’t give you an orgasm…..


  7. Today? After my third straight maybe-I’m-pg/maybe-I’m-not/maybe-I’ll just soak my head? With no clue when or if I’ll get to start another cycle?

    Lotto tickets. All the way. Although if you win, I want a 0.5% encourager’s fee. Then maybe I can find some surgeon to take out my dysfunctional reproductive system and put in one that actually knows WTF it’s doing.

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