In case some of you haven’t noticed, google has made a guest appearance on my blog!

I have earned $1.99 so far, just by you guys clicking on the links to the right.

Is this a sell-out? a cop-out? Giving in to “the man?” Nope – just trying to earn a little extra for all of our adoption expenses! I get a little money each time one of you simply clicks on a link.

So please, please, click away! And use the search bar on the upper right.

I thank you in advance.


7 thoughts on “$1.99!

  1. I clicked for you two — did you get to pick the ads that went up?? Did you have to ask those companies? Sorry for the 20 Questions — just curious! 😉

  2. thanks for the clicks, everyone!

    (don’t do too many repeated clicks, though, or they’ll think something’s up…)

    As for the ad content, they do word searches on my site, and pick appropriate ones. How cool is that? So there’s LOTS of adoption ads on it right now….

  3. Shelli…
    AdSense scans the blogs, and if they see that you’ve asked someone to do this, they WILL pull your ‘contract’ with them.

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