So after speaking with Nicole (the FABOO) Social Worker, she informs us that we would be on our own, as Spence Chapin deals with Birth Moms in the tri-state area only (NY, NJ, CT). They would however (this is why they are FABOO) Coach us through the process, and give us all of the right questions to ask.

So IF this goes forward (Lillian, I’m going to e-mail you about how it all worked with Ethan..) then we’d get a lawyer for US, and a SEPARATE lawyer for her, and have to go to Maryland for about 2 weeks while it all went through.


And again, IF this goes through.

I woke up at 5am thinking about it all.

Stupid shit, like: Fuck, Juno is now on thyroid meds, and needs to be fed TWICE a day – who in the heck will do that?! Annette? I hope so. Can I work it out so that I can commute in once or twice a week to a) check in on the cats, and b) head into work. Well, I DO have an external hard drive, so I *could* do work from the road – well, I have 4 vacation days left, and would this count towards FMLA? Damn, I’m fat. Quincy get OFF THE &^%$#* DRESSER!

These are the thoughts that wake me up WAY too early.

So there ya go. AND we have the lovely Amy and her fiance Issac here for the weekend, from London, PLUS Thauna and her boyfriend, Rodolfo in from Hawaii – she was here last night, Amy and Issac are here through Monday, and then Thauna and Rodolfo are here Monday night. It’s a wonderful distraction from you know, waiting for the phone to ring.

And as for the last situation… Spence STILL has not heard from her, and is chalking it up to her deciding to parent. So there you have it.

And can I just say that it went from monster humidity to SERIOUSLY DRY air in a matter of days? MY skin is SOOO itchy – I guess it’s time to bring the humidifyer up from the basement.

OK, enough of my pre-coffee ramblings. thank you all for your kind responses, it truly helps, and gives me lots of warm fuzzies!

Now… do any of you know a GLBT friendly adoption lawyer in Maryland? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Well, I’m up at 5 a.m., too 🙂

    Not that this will give you any consolation, but, I believe that, yes, your four vacation days will count towards your FMLA if you so choose. And, yes, one parent can leave the state, as long as it’s not with the baby, while you’re waiting for ICPC.

    I’m hoping that this is meant to be your baby. I hope, I hope, I hope.

    And about the poster for National Adoption Month – just go to http://www.wacap.org and click on the poster – it’s easy to get one free 🙂

  2. I worried so much that everything would work out with Sasha. And now that we have her, I wake up worrying that everything is going to be ok. So, get used to the worries!!!!

    Good Luck

  3. so glad you have company to distract you. My mind would be all over the place!
    Thinking of you guys & praying. When I heard on NPR that this was National Adoption weekend I immediately thought of you & hoped THAT was a good sign.

    word verification: oygbz

    the Oy is right!

  4. Yes, I already sent you our lawyer info before I even read this! GO check your email!

    So excited!!


    PS – my word was “zupra” and this does indeed have the potential to be ZUPRA!!

  5. You both continue to be in my thoughts… I am checking frequently to see if you have any updates 🙂

    Try to have some fun this weekend! I am so jealous you already saw HP!

  6. how incredibly exciting! and wonderful! i wish i could contribute to the cause, but everyone i know in baltimore/dc is in medicine or academic life. damn, this is so exciting. i hope it’s everything you’ve hoped for.

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