so much to say, so little time

It’s getting towards that crazy time at work. Gearing up for auditions. I’m working later hours, and there’s a lot to do.

I have SO many things running through my mind right now, like:
-The Draft
-The Color Purple (which we saw last night and was GREAT!)
-The cats
-My friends
-My mother (OY! That’s a whole novel unto itself)
-My weight
-Power to the people and all of that jazz…

But right now, I have to leave work, and go to the gym. And then go home, and finish the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers before they reach critical mass and should no longer be kept in the fridge.

So I leave you a few good links to some blogs I’ve been reading lately.

Good stuff!

Sassy Jack
Jesus was NOT a Republican
Big Gay Dan
America Blog
Tales of a Wessel
And I wasted all of that birth Control…

Of course, I still read all of the usual suspects, as seen in my links to the right, but these are some new additions, and they are all well spoken, thoughtful, and provoking.

So enjoy the reading, I’m off to go lift some weights and ride a bike.


2 thoughts on “so much to say, so little time

  1. Hey, Shel, your links don’t show up on the right anymore since you put in the Google thing. They’re bumped down to the bottom.

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