Chappy Challadays

I was “that” kid on the bus – you know, the one who said to the sweet, little old lady that complimented my ‘new dolly from Santa,’ “There IS no Santa Claus, we’re Jewish, I got this dolly for Chanukah, which is 8 days, so I get a present a day!” (to the which, she would blush, and turn the other way).

This continued into my adolescent years, having survived the earlier years of a Yeshiva-like day school, that my parents pulled me out of at the end of 3rd grade (and promptly sent me to see a child-psychologist, to deal with the verbal abuse from the Rabbi’s, and my own social-awkwardness, but that’s another blog entry for another day…). In High School, I was the kid who stormed the Principal’s office demanding that EVERY religion be represented in the office decorations or NONE AT ALL. (I was a little miffed that they had a Christmas tree displayed prominantly in the window of the school office).

This continued into my adult-hood, as I’m that obnoxious little bugger that responds to all of the “Merry Christmas’s” with “Happy Chanukah!” I figure – if you are going to assume that I celebrate Christmas, I will assume that you celebrate Chanukah with me.

Usually, my charming smile lets them know that I am lovingly messing with them. Sometimes, however, it really confuses people. Mostly in places that aren’t NY. When I was on the road with the Flaming Idiots, and we’d go to bizarre, unheard of sections of the hinterlands, I got REALLY Funny looks, the kind that made me think that they really did believe that there is nothing BUT Christmas out there in this wide, wide, vast, multi-cultured world.

So when I heard that Target was changing their signs to say “Happy Holidays,” Instead of “Merry Christmas,” it just made my heart smile with glee – it made me feel as if someone was paying attention. If perhaps, one of the charming folks that I shared my “Happy Chanukah” with was listening, and they told their cousin Sally that there was this girl they met in Oskaloosa, Iowa who wished me a “Happy Chanukah,” and did you know, she was real-nice-like. It made me feel a little more able to tolerate that damn Drummer Boy song in the deli on the corner, because hey! Target, a major monolopy of suburban capitalism, was becoming a little more “inclusive.”

And then I came across this: American Fmaily Association boycotts Target They want to BOYCOTT Target for NOT saying “Merry Christmas.”


These people just get under my skin.

I just don’t get it anymore. Isn’t the whole message of Jesus to be loving and kind to all? And not be exclusive? Wasn’t that the whole point of Christianity to begin with? It has turned ugly, in so many ways.

Now there are TONS of normal, goodhearted Christians out there, of course, but I’m pointing my finger at these wack-jobs.

I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to be inclusive of everyone, and will continue to do so.

14 thoughts on “Chappy Challadays

  1. You know, I know exactly where Oskaloosa, IA is. Sad, but true.

    And the AFA? It’s scary to think that THIS isn’t the most “out there” thing they’ve protested.

  2. I totally think everything/everyone should say Happy Holidays. I celebrate xmas, but whenever someone says Merry xmas or says something about santa to my kids I always bitch to Pat (my partner) later on about how do they know I’m not Jewish and that it’s insulting to say that. To which she rolls her eyes and tells me I’m not Jewish so I can get over it. I guess I get defensive about it because of the times that they ask my daughter Avery if she got her pretty blond hair from her “daddy” (since I have dark brown hair). It’s all related to, just because they’re the majority, do the rest of us have to suffer?

    Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent in your comment section…

    Those people who are boycotting Target are assholes.

  3. I was in Target today (buying car paint scratch remover – such is my life as a liberal in a red state) and I don’t remember the cashier saying ‘Happy holidays’ or ‘Merry Christmas,’ period. I always say ‘See you later’ and then they reply in kind.

    Maybe they should have that as the policy – say what the customer says, then you won’t offend anyone and it’ll still be sincere.

  4. You know, we just had a parent at my school call the media to come to the school for the same reason. She doesn’t like that Christmas is being “slighted” in order to recognize the other religious holidays at this time of year. Such a battle…

  5. i, too, have been to oskaloosa, iowa. my shame is large.

    the AFA and its founder/evil poobah, donald wildmon, are a nightmare. they’re suddenly everywhere in the media, but they’ve been wreaking havoc since the 80s. back then, they focused on pastors of evangelical churches, and they did a number on them. i know, because my dad was one of the people who bought their garbage. now, evangelicals have listened to wildmon for so long that they don’t think to question him. it’s disgusting.

    btw, chappy chanukah to you!

  6. There is also a Catholic organization that is advocating the same for Walmart I believe. They are just scared to have the Christ taken out of the holidays… to include everyone.

    The story of Christ’s birth on Dec. 25th conincides with the Birth of the God Mithras (or Mythras). He wore red and white… hmmmm… The yule log is straight up pagan as the Yule is a pagan holiday. Mistletoe? Pagan as well. In fact most of the Xmas holiday traditions are directly morphed from other religious belief systems. It was an attempt to convert people… and it worked.

    So Christmas… is not in it’s heart rather Christian now is it?

    Try to explain this to my parents… They plotz!

    Hell wait til’ Ramadan really goes commercial!!! What will they do then? *evil grin*

    Happy Holidays to ALL.

  7. the AFA is also proud that their threatened boycott of Ford prompted Ford to stop advertising in gay magazines.

    scary, dangerous people. with power.


  8. People just suck. Really.

    You’re certainly right about things turning ugly about this whole mess of holidays. What’s next, not celebrating anything? Hell, if the Jehovah’s Witnesses ever got involved, we’d all be screwed, since they don’t celebrate ANYTHING-no birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween (especially-it’s the devil’s birthday, according to them), Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice-nada.

    Heh…..actually, wouldn’t that be God’s little joke on those morons in the AFA? “Hey, y’all made a stink about ME and boycotted Tar-ghay, and now ah’ll git them Jehovah’s on ya and y’all git NUTTIN!”…..gotta love it.

    Just a thought…..

    PS-my mobile was on the crapper (I dropped it in the toilet at work-DON’T ASK), so when it’s finished drying out I’ll retrieve the message…..I didn’t forget!

    PPS- my word verification is “npuamui”-doesn’t it sound like some kind of holiday celebration called “narrow-minded tool boycotts major retailer in December for tha Lawd”? Heh…..

  9. I was just thinking about you the other day and what your feeling were around this time. As silly as it sounds I’ve never known anyone that was Jewish, so I’ve never had the opportunity to discuss your celebration/beliefs.

    I think everyone needs to just say “have a nice day” and leave it at that. That shouldnt offend too many!

  10. It drives me crazy when people can’t just let everyone be themselves but have to impose THEIR worldview on everyone else. 😦

  11. It is harder & harder to be a Christmas celebrating person when there are so many jackasses around being assholes. Living in a Southern town that has at least one nativity scene per neighborhood does not breed inclusiveness when it comes to other cultures. It is a shame really. Religion is never good when it is in your face & Extreme like a mountain dew commercial.

  12. I thought being a Jew by choice would help me be more understanding at this time of year but not when it comes to people like these close-minded hypocrites.

    My word verification is “spulkl”. Sounds like a Yiddish word for what the people in AFA are! 😉

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