my new baby – the Elna 2110!

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my new baby – the Elna 2110!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

if you get something cute, homemade, and obviously from a sewing machine this holiday season, you’ll know who it’s from!

11 thoughts on “my new baby – the Elna 2110!

  1. so far, I’ve tried out all of the stitches, made black and red bobbins, and started a “tester quilt.” – I’m cutting out 4 inch squares and sewing them together. What I am realizing, however, is that I need a “surer” method for cutting out my squares, as they aren’t “exactly” even, so not going together perfectly…. But just fine for the tester quilt, which will probably become a pillow.

    I bought some quilt squares from Ebay for 5 bucks, so that should go smoother. I will have MUCh fun over the next few weekends!

  2. Sounds like you need a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler. You can find those at any sewing center or some craft shops. Also, you might be able to find some quilt kits, which have pre-cut pieces, and that might help get you started.

  3. Shelli – We don’t know one another, however I follow your story. But, as a fellow Jew who celebrates Chanukah. Wasn’t this supposed to be a Chanukah gift fron Narda? LOL – I think you still have about 19 more days until you should be using this most fabulous machine.

    also on GL Parents

  4. hee – YES, it IS a Chanukah prezzie from Narda, but now everyone can have homemmade Chanukah gifties, too! 🙂

    (Besides, we’ll both be on the West Coast for the “challah-days”, so we’ll be doing the gift exchange a wee early – and in this case a LOT early!) 🙂

  5. congrats!! you will love it! i saw that picture on flickr of your kitty under a quilt and thought HOT DAMN WOMAN YOU ARE ALREADY QUILTING!!!! i was a bit off, but hot damn! you are on your way!

    (yes on the rotary cutter/mat/ruler- it will change your life!)

  6. hah – I WISH I had made that quilt! 🙂 Naw, I’m just getting started. Just squares at this point, but by the time our fictional child gets into college, they’ll have AWESOME handmade quilts to bring from home!

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