SO much to share, so much to do at home…

I will get to the topics listed below, I promise – I just have a LOT to do at home today:
1) Sort through the PILES of papers that have accumulated on my desk, so that I can find the lovely note from the IRS saying that my accountant F’d up, and I owe them 90 bucks plus interest!
2) Sew some Chanukah and X-mas gifts
3) Finish filling out the Chanukah and X-mas cards (I’ve addressed them all, but I have to write things in them now-that’s the lengthy part)
4) Have brunch with Bobby and Janette, and then proceed further uptown to visit my niece, aka “Boo-Boo-Baby-Girl-Belly-Bulldog-Spike” – but apparantly, she now weighs more than a few 9 months old babies I know… so i’m not so sure the “baby girl” part of her name will stick around – but she’s AWFULLY Cute!

See what I mean?

But here are the topics floating around in my head, that I promise to share with you sometime in the near future:

-The Really great book I finished reading: Unchosen, The Secret Lives of Hassidic Rebels (MUCH Controversy about it in the ultra-Orthodox sects of Judaism, however…)
-The upcoming Holiday time with the family in Portland, and how visiting home is NEVER a vacation, it’s a second full time job.
-The Yeshiva day-school that I went to, and eluded to briefly in a previous post.
-The difficulty of the holidays, combined with infertility, but the flip side of enjoying lots of SLEEP. And trying to get as MUCH of it in as possible before a kid comes.
-The fact that this blog has been viewed over 30 THOUSAND times, and other random thoughts.

But I have to get dressed now, and get ready for brunch. At Amy Ruth’s (YUM!)

7 thoughts on “SO much to share, so much to do at home…

  1. OK, I’m WAY not capable of such things! I tried, and I’d need the protractor. I made a funny shapped thing.

    (and it’s CHanukah, by the by!)


  2. My west Coast self is assuming you mean you are coming to Portland Oregon… but maybe not. You aren’t making it up to Seattle by any chance are you? If so I would love to meet you two! 🙂

  3. Shelli, you’re too much! I thought of that when I wrote it, but my 1st graders spell it with an ‘h’, so that’s all I feel confident about spelling. I’ll work on the ‘ch’ now that I’m educated. LOL

  4. You are on holiday break already! Lucky girl. Hope you enjoy every moment of it and well… for the moments that might not be so enjoyable (re; family visits) there is always sweet sweet wine!


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