we SAID it would happen this way…

So Narda and I are entering into a VERY busy and stressful time at work.

I have auditions, Narda is off to Seattle to work on August Wilson’s Radio Golf

We jokingly said to Nicole that “of course, we’ll get the call at the WORST possible time for us – which would be mid-January.”

So guess who I just got a call from?


VERY healthy birthmom, 17 years old, adopted herself, from Colombia. Birthfather is 18, White. ALSO adopted. They are both Catholic, but the birth mom is a member of the gay/straight alliance at her school. HER parents are very supportive of her adoption plan. She’s had excellent pre-natal care, no drug or alcohol history, and is also in therapy. She wants an open adoption. So do we. She lives in NJ, so there’s that glorious 3 day thing – once she signs, there’s no “30 day waiting period.” LOVE THAT.

And, here’s everything that could muck it all up:

-She could choose to parent
-She could go into labor early
-She could choose another family.

Our fantasy situation? She picks us. Goes into labor LATE – like February 15th.

THAT would be perfect.

43 thoughts on “we SAID it would happen this way…

  1. You know what? I bet you won’t care one iota about any of that if you get this baby in your arms. And it’s about time, dammit. I will hope and pray (agnostically, unfortunately) and chant and stand on my head so you can get the baby you deserve so much. Please let this be it!

  2. Wow, timing, they say it’s right when it is, but so often it’s at the craziest times, so this just may be it. I’ll babysit that first month for you!

  3. Sweetie, I’ll be keeping my fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes crossed for you. Shayla will too!! Hope she picks you and goes into labor right when you want her to!

  4. Oh please I hope this is it for you!!!

    btw are you referring to Colombia the country or Columbia the school? If it’s the school I could do some recon for you.

  5. why do you NOT send out a urgent message to everyone when you have these kind of news?!!… i’m so excited for you guys. so when is she due?.. {{praying for you guys!!}}

  6. Wow, how exciting! I love that she’s a member of the gay/straight alliance! I hope this is it for you, even if the timing isn’t perfect.

  7. Holy shit, God certainly has a way, doesn’t He?

    Seriously, Sean and I and the cats are doing a baby dance for you two. Sending hope and good thoughts to you….

  8. As always my fingers are crossed that this is the one! It sounds like a good situation starting out…I hope it all falls into place.

  9. This sounds very promising. Whether it’s January or February you two will make it happen if it’s meant to be. Wishing you lots of luck that you don’t have to be let down again.

  10. WOW!!
    The prologue sounds so promising- esp. with both birth parents being adopted.
    PLEASE let this be yours!
    Hope you guys have a wonderful St. Valentine’s bundle!

  11. It sure SOUNDS perfect…oh i hope this is the one for you guys. You’ve waited so long!
    Saying prayers to all the dieties i can think of and crossing everything i have that can be crossed…

  12. Don’t know you… ran across your blog… just wanted to say I hope things work out for you, but if not, remember, it is for a reason. My friend went thru this, and the first one didn’t work out, then the 2nd one turned out to be exactly the curly red-haired baby girl she had always dreamed of!
    Best to you,
    Jenn, aka Je Sais

  13. JeSais – thanks, but for the record, this is our 8th call, after one almost placement that had a birth mother change her mind at the last minute, after one and a half years of ttc, with meds and donor sperm that failed, so saying something like “if it doens’t happen, it was for a reason” probably isn’t the best thing to say at this point, although I’m sure you meant no harm…

  14. please please please please!!!!! I will cross not only my fingers, but the cat’s & dog’s “fingers” as well!!!!!!

  15. I’ve been checking in on your blog every now and then ever since “meeting” you on FF. I was WaterSprite then (I’m melissa&themoose on cmoms). Just want to say I wish you and Narda all the luck in the world and I hope this works out for you! b’sha’a tovah!
    🙂 melissa

  16. I just ran across your blog. Congratulations on a possible placement. My son, Nicolas, is adopted from Colombia. Let me tell you — Colombian children are the most beautiful babies in the world! I hope all goes well with the birthmother, she sounds like a great person.

  17. May this all fall into place exactly like it’s supposed to. I am praying for you both that the universe sees it’s way to giving you ladies a very happy new year present. *crosses fingers*

  18. First time here, also unexpectedly expecting in Jan-Feb…

    Umm… and I would steal that boo boo baby bulldog in a HEARTBEAT… too beautiful.

    But I wanted to say–GOOD LUCK! and that I am wishing you everything good in the world with the most excellent sounding adoption referral ever…


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