Getting my crafty on…

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OK – bless all of your hearts for telling me how great this is – but it’s REALLY Easy, actually. In fact, making an ugly doll is great for those of us who tend to use a recipe as a *guidline* as opposed to an actual *to be followed plan*.

To “felt” wool, I went to thrift stores while at home in Portland, and picked up a few 100% wool skirts, vests, blazers, etc. I took them apart with my trusty seam ripper, and put them through the wash on a hot/cold cycle with regular detergent. This binds the weave of the wool, and shrinks the material, thus *felting* it, and making it much softer to the touch.

Once the wool was felted, I made a rough pattern on an open newspaper that actually looks NOTHING ike this; I was planning on making an actual bear. I then cut out, as one big pattern, two shapes of bears, with liberal, and not so accurate seam allowances – THIS is the key. Then I meerly sewed them together, right sides attached, kind of free-handing it on the sewing machine. I think the free-handing, and not-so-accurate seam allowances is what helped this guy to take shape.

I left a section open, clipped the curves oh so slightly up to the thread, in order for it to lay even and not puckered when flipped right side out. (this part may not be necessary with a small seam allowance, but it doesn’t hurt – just make a small clip into the seam allowance UP TO the thread)

Then I turned it right side out and stuffed it very full, with polly-fill stuffing, and hand-stitched the opening shut.

Then I did a google image search on Ugly dolls, and cut out felted wool eyes and tongue, and used embroidery thread to attach them. I made the mouth line first, just a running stitch across.

And there ya go! It doesn’t look too bad, it’s kind of HUGE as far as dolls go,(it’s about one foot tall) but I’m still proud.

I think the next one, however, will be MUCH smaller.

But feel free to copy the deisgn, or to go and make your own. just let me know if you do, I’d love to see it!

3 thoughts on “Getting my crafty on…

  1. That is ADORABLE! So cuddly! I may have to try it myself (funny thing is that when I try to make a not-ugly doll they end up looking like that, so if I TRY to make an ugly doll? It may end up looking normal!)

  2. Very cute! And how long did it take to make this? I’m going to show this to DP and ask her to make me one, no not for the kids, but for moi!

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