Small joys and random thoughts

Narda and I went home to Portland for the holidays, and then up to Seattle for New Years. She stayed in Seattle, where she’s working at Seattle Rep on August Wilson’s Radio Golf. When we are separated for work for a small period of time, the first two weeks are bliss! We each get to watch the TV shows we want, eat when we want, leave the ironing board out, do dishes when I want, play playstation when I want, go to sleep with the tv off and all of the lights out, (including those pesky little night lights!)… oh! did I just make this all about me? I’m sure Narda has lots of things she does and enjoys too.

But seriously. After two weeks, the novelty wears off. I miss her, and I (hope anyway) that she misses me too. Granted, this time it’s all much easier, as I’m working a lot of extra hours during our audition process, so I’m “busy” right now, and the time allocated to miss her is less. But I still miss her.

But the topic of this post is “Small joys.”

Narda comes home next week! A week from today, to be exact. I’m very excited to see her. I’m so busy right now, that I forget that I miss her most of the time, but then I stop and get glimpses of her in my mind, and realize how lucky I am to have her as my partner, my Basheret (literally translated as “meant to be, spiritually guided connectedness” but often synonomous with “Soul mate”).

A little less than two weeks after she comes home, I’m off for the Audition tour to Chicago and San Francisco. Narda was asked this year to go on HER school’s audition tour to interview design and stage management students. Guess where she’s going? Chicago and San Francisco. Guess when? The EXACT SAME dates! So we are getting a secret Valentine’s day mini vacation TOGETHER, paid for by our respective employers.

How awesome is that!

As soon as we come home on February 14th, we’d like the phone to ring. So universe, and Ha’Shem, if you are listening….

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