I always have anxiety about leaving the cats when we go away. If it was just a house full of Quincy-like beasties, I’d be fine. But we have two senior citizens, one of whom is on thyroid meds twice a day, and the other on Prednisone every other day for IBS. (read: if he does not get his prednisone, he cannot poop).

In my previous post, I mention the exciting mini-working-vacation that Narda and I get to take together in February. We’re very excited, despite having to work during that time.

Well, I just heard from our regular cat sitter that she’ll be out of town. ACK! I am asking two of my workstudies that I trust, one of whom has sat for them before, but she’s a busy RA now, so it might not work. I’m hoping that the other one might want to stay in an apartment with adult amenities, instead of a dorm room.

I might be able to get a neighbor to do it, but I’m terribly nervous and anxious about it all. Each new cat sitter carries MUCH anxiety. Quincy is EASY, but Juno needs her meds mixed in her food “just so” or she won’t eat it. Cougie needs his prednisone given to him by opening his mouth and basically throwing it down his throat, as he WILL NOT eat any medicine in his food. Training somone on the proper “pill distribution technique” is anxiety provoking in and of itself…


Does anyone want to come stay in a nice NYC apartment from Feb. 7-13?

9 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. If you can find a baby sitter for my kids that whole time I would love to stay child free for a few days LOL…dreaming of long restful nights sleep and watching any show I want….

  2. Hey, I’m slow getting over here, but wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog, and to come visit yours. You don’t have an email address listed so I’ll just leave my little message here.

    It seems like you should have no problem finding someone who wants a free week in NYC! I’d do it (being neither allergic to cats nor lesbians, and loving NY as I do) :-), but I don’t think I’ll be getting over that way again soon. I love kitties so much, which you already know if you have read my blog for any length of time.

    Okay, best of luck!

  3. ugh- Hope you find somebody who is just perfect to tend to your brood. If I was still in NYC I would so raise my hand for the job.
    Are you friendly with any of the folks at your Vet? Our vet always has a bunch of students…maybe that is another route?

  4. Oh Shelli…..Oh Narda:

    I would love to spend a week in fabulous NYC…..the closest I’ve ever been was driving through upstate NY on my way from Quebec to Ontario….lame I know….

    But then…there is the kids….and the cat….and the two dogs that need tending….plus my darling wife who couldn’t do without her backrub after a hard day’s work….poor baby!

    I soooooo understand the prednisone delimma! Our 12 year old Border/Collie is a mess if he doesn’t get the prednisone (he is the jam it down teh throat type administration too!), and so is my wifey when she doesn’t get HER thyroid meds!

    I wish you the best of luck finding someone to tend your kitties….If I were able I’d fly down there and kitty sit no problem!


  5. I can’t imagine convincing a cat to take prenisone. I have enough trouble getting my munchkin to take his – that stuff tastes awful! Good luck finding a kitty-sitter who can master the art of medicating your cats. ~CarolynG

  6. Shelli I saw your comment on House of Miao about jury duty…I was one of the Court Officer’s who worked that trial! I was shocked when I read your comment!!

  7. Holey Moley! 🙂 The AR Barron case? I Was the one who crochetted and drank lots of coffee from my thermos all the time!

    SMALL world!

  8. Ooh ooh pick me pick me!! I wanna do it!
    But could you find somewhere else to leave the cats? And then have the canadian clean really really well and remove all signs of cat? Then we can bring Charlie and find out if it really is the cats bothering him.
    Okay. Let me know if you can arrange that 🙂

  9. Yes that is the one! It is Voire Dire…and it sucks lol…I remember the coffee that trial took a special jury very long and boring! Judge McGloughlin is a great take no crap type of guy. I work in Queens now had myself a daughter and all that fun stuff. Such a crazy small world LOL.

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