History, people, H-I-S-T-O-R-Y

The Seattle Seahawks Are going to the SUPERBOWL!

YEEHAW, people!

Now, you have to understand, I was a football baby. Even before I knew I was a lesbian…

My father played in high school, in college, and would have gone pro had he not f’d up his knees. But football was (and is) still his life. He then played mildly at work, and coached pop-warner. I went along to those coaching sessions a few times; daddy’s little girl. (there was a brief hiatus for puberty, in which I considered him evil, as amost every teenager does about their parents at some point), but I digress. He also volunteered for my highschool’s footbal team as one of those guys that holds the yardage signs. And I was busy doing theatre…

When I went to my first adult superbowl party, and CALLED him. DURING halftime. I think it almost came as close as me winning the presidency of the United States.

Seriously, people.

So I KNEW that when Seattle just got that 4th touchdown, thereby securing their spot in the superbowl, that I could call dad and he’d be home. In fact, I called my dear friend Bobby, and the FIRST thing he said was: “So, dad must be jumping all over the place.”

And he is my friends, he is.

Pardon me while I go give him the “Mazel Tov” call…

5 thoughts on “History, people, H-I-S-T-O-R-Y

  1. We watched the first game (Steelers and Broncos) because Sean is a Steelers fan-I had to forbid the last game, however-he had the surround sound on and it was aggravating me…..

    Perhaps getting the two of you in the same room for the next, oh say, few months might not be a good idea? 😉

    I actually have recently begun really understanding football-like you, my dad was a high school/college player, until a back injury ended his athletic career (and luckily for him exempted him from the draft). Football and baseball (hell, ALL sports, who am I kidding?) were a Sunday TV staple when I grew up. Of course, he ended up going to the high school games, not because his son was playing (didn’t make the team), but, alas, because his daughter was a Captain in the marching band’s Color Guard. Heh…

    Anyways, my high school team NEVER won a game-I shit you not-NEVER! The marching band, however, was an award-winning competition group-go figure…..

    So, basically, watching a Giants game on TV with my dad gave me more of an appreciation for the game than four years worth of sitting in the stands of every high school game. Plus, you don’t freeze your ass off, and have to carry equipment to a school bus.


    PS-my word verification is “jkcwl”-I’m jah-cool, yo!

  2. We rooted for them too last night… Yes , we…. watched football.

    Will you be having a superbowl party? If not we usually do one each year and you are more than welcome to attend.

  3. Having grown up in Seattle and watched the building of the Kingdome, the implosion of the Kingdome, and many false alarms of greatness in between, I was pretty excited too. One of my students gleefully stated: “it will be the easiest game for Pittsburgh this year!” We’ll see…

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