Be afraid, be VERY afraid

Bush VOWS people, he VOWS to overturn Roe-V-Wade.

Canada has elected a conservative government for the first time in 12 years.

Where can we go now? I am afraid for Narda’s and my future, and for the future safety of our (not quite yet here) children.

Wow. It’s getting scary. Kind of like when you know a big storm’s a brewin and you’re gonna lose power no matter what you do.

I’m off to prepare the bunker.

5 thoughts on “Be afraid, be VERY afraid

  1. Did he not read his job description, to uphold the laws of the United States – not overturn them?


  2. As Canadians, we had the choice between a very corrupt party or a conservative one… who won with a Tory victory ; wich means the old ass$%?’ is gone and the new one can’t do a damn thing for changing the existing laws. And that, is the BEST move we could have done !

    LOOOOVE your blogg by the way !

  3. New York State will be pretty safe to stay in… even the republicans here are pro-choice.

    He will most likely not succeed in taking away this right. Even with a packed Supreme Court, it is too complicated an issue and it’s highly unlikely that he will have his way on this one. He’s still an asshole however.

    Only what three more years?

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