oh, the comedy…

So I’m doing a different WW (that’s weight watchers for the un-initiated) plan. I’m doing “core” – where you basically eliminate certain foods, and just try to move more and eat less. No point counting, except for the “allowance” of 35 points per week – thank goodness the wine has somehwere to go.

I cheated, and stood on the scale at the gym yesterday, and if the scale at the gym and the scale at WW matches up, I’m doing well. (official progress report tomorrow after weigh in, I promise).

But the comedy, oh, the comedy.

Well, I’ll just share the picture with you. As most of you know, we keep Kosher, and I don’t do wheat, and TRY really hard not to do sugar. So I’m always looking for meal ideas, and I went to the WW meal idea section. I picked Kosher.

And well, I’ll just let you look.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I wrote them a lovely little note, along with a web link to what actually *IS* Kosher…

But I have to admit, it made me giggle – THREE treif items out of five.

7 thoughts on “oh, the comedy…

  1. That is too funny! I’m thinking I’m going to have to send my friends from the GDT on the WW site over here for a gander. Do you ever hang out on their boards? The GDT is a riot. You have to have a thick skin but they are a nice bunch of people (for the most part).

  2. Good luck! I started WW a month ago and have almost lost all of my weight! The first week, on the core plan, I lost 4.5! You’ll love the results!


  3. oy vey!

    That is funny!

    Giving you mad props for your progress! Counting points always drove me mad & fed into my existing food issues so this sounds like it is a healthy approach.

    Can’t wait to hear your report tomorrow.

  4. Dude, even *I* know that those aren’t kosher.

    Course I bet you’d lose a bunch of weight that way, you know, with there being NOTHING to eat.

  5. Wow. Kosher shrimp. I wonder where they catch THOSE little guys.
    I must say… it is funny.

    Hell, I managed to make you Kosher food, and I am not a million dollar company that is charging you for my services!!

    [Note to self: Bill Shelli for Kosher cookies]

  6. Have you heard of Florine Mark? She is the largest (no pun intended!) franchise owner of weight watchers and a very observant Jew. I think she would be interested in your comments. Oh, and GOOD LUCK with this new opportunity! — Shy Lurker

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