T minus…

7 days and counting.


OK, So I’ve gotten some flack for the no pink thing. If you want pink, bring it on, we are just so grateful for everything that has come our way, we are overwhelmed and so full of gratitude. I in NO way meant to offend anyone, I just am not the biggest fan of the color pink. But Narda is. So who am I to judge?

Thank you for all of the support (and packages, too – I’m a little afraid to go home on Tuesday and see the doorman’s reaction!)

Thank you again, Truly Truly.

For some excitement, go visit Em! She’s in labor! GO Em, and GO B for being a labor coach and a mommie to be too!

13 thoughts on “T minus…

  1. Hey, Shelli, this is your daughter and you get to call the shots. If you don’t want pink, that’s your prerogative. I think the people who are out of line are the ones giving you grief. So NO PINK!

  2. I hope you dont think I was giving you flack. I was very anti-pink too before Eliza came. I personally would never wear pink, but Eliza looks adorable in it.

    I gave up after all the friends and relatives showered us with pink gifts. Like you, I’m partnered with a woman that likes pink….

    Luckily, we didnt know if we were having a boy or girl before she was born, so all the things we received before she came were green or yellow.

    I check this blog all the time. I’m so excited for you. 7 days! Yay!

  3. OMG-
    SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I seriously just got goosebumps.

    & you dress your kid how you want. Hell, my Mom didn’t dress me at all for years. (ahhhh…early years in a hippie co-op…)

    7 days. wow. Continuing to think of all of you. xoxo

  4. I was talking to Trish last night, and she was absolutely giggly over your big day next week! We had to run to the fabric shop for a few items, and she was racing to find the perfect fabrics for our blocks. We’re both just so enthused for you two!! I know the waiting is somewhat unbareable, but the week will be over before you know it!

  5. A friend of ours adopted a little girl from China and she,too, said “no pink” but it turns out she looks GREAT in pink so she’s in it all the time now…she doesn’t even look too overly girly, if that’s possible…

    I’m SO excited for you guys finally getting your baby!! OMG you must be so psyched and scared and just beside yourselves all at once!

  6. Uh oh…….now I feel badly…….am I one of the “Pink Dictator Brigade”? I didn’t mean it-I SWEAR!! I just get overexcited sometimes……

    Seriously though, I totally can’t wait to meet the baba-I have a gaggle of gifties for her, so send the word when you want me to descend on the house of ShelliandNarda………


  7. Shelli,

    This is Tiffy from FF. Congratulations! FLDeb just posted on the board to let us know of your good news. Please drop by to say hi! You and Narda deserve lots of green jumping men! hehe.

    As for pink, I was anti-pink before my babies were born. But Dian looks so cute in pink that now most of her clothing are pink! 🙂

  8. OMG Shelli and Narda — I have been following your blog for some time (a fellow FF’er) and finally got caught up on the past couple of weeks. All I can say is that my heart skipped a beat and I had tears in my eyes when I read that you had a baby girl.

    Congrats and I can’t wait to see her first pictures!

    Susan 🙂

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