the bookcases! (updated with a Quincy shot…)

And here’s a Quincy close-up…
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the bookcases!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

A day late, so sorry, but this is for Photo Friday.

Our bookshelves in the living room – we LOVE them. We had them built by a friend, and he did SUCH an awesome job. They are even MORE full now.

And we had them done just in time, too. Part of the impitus behind getting them done was to prevent a little one who is toddling from using the free standing bookshelves to pull themselves up and possibly pulling them over…

These aren’t going ANYWHERE! So we will just have to pick up books,and cover the shelves under the TV with mesh or something… (which will piss off Quincy, but he’ll deal)

12 thoughts on “the bookcases! (updated with a Quincy shot…)

  1. shelli, we left our books on the shelves — we just put “not our favorite books” down low — he loves taking them off…Under the TV we have some games and CDs which he also loves rearranging…so don’t worry too much — for us, it turned out to be a non-issue


  2. LOVE the floor to ceiling bookshelves! Yep, that baby of yours is gonna crawl straight over there — you cannot stop it. Some bookshelves are built with cabinet doors in the bottom 1/4, which helps a little with baby control. You’ll figure something out — necessity, you know, the mother of invention. 🙂

  3. That’s going to be her favorite area! Eliza loved pulling ours off the shelves and the CD’s and movies off their shelves!

    Those are great!

    (my word verification was qgayf)

  4. I remember when you were getting them built. They are stunning. Seriously, full bookcases are such a beautiful thing to behold.

  5. That’s the kind of bookcase we dream of, along with one of those sliding ladders like they have in bookstores. I’m jealous!

  6. I covet your bookshelves! 😉

    We have some IKEA shelving, and the bottom couple of shelves have turned into places to store full boxes (that the little guy can’t get into). He learned quickly how to remove books and magazines from the shelves.

  7. I would wiat until the tide line actually needs to be moved Shelli – my young man showed NO interest at all in the books on the low shelves. The remote control for the tv was posted in all sorts of places and the kitchen cupboards were completely amazing and interesting (I ended up putting locks on all of the except the ‘plastic cupboard’ which was packed and uppacked 100 times a week – but unpacking bookshelves didn’t get a mention!


  8. Oh, wow. Those are gorgeous- so much like the bookshelves in my castle in the clouds. Lovely! Happy baby-prepping everything!

  9. I am definitely drooling with jealousy over the bookcases.
    I’m a new reader.
    We live in NYC too. We are much earlier in our process than you are and it’s exciting to see a couple about to, well, have their dreams come true.
    Mazel tov to your family…

  10. Hmmm…….you might be able to convince a “certain someone” to make doors for the bottom three cabinets…..

    Can’t wait until you get home-only 4 days left (well, three if you don’t count that it’s already Monday!)!!!

  11. How do you think Quincy will react to the New Arrival?

    I can’t wait to see pictures. So, so, excited for you guys!

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