OK. Today is Monday.

Tomorrow is Tuesday.

After that is Wednesday.

And then it’s Gotcha day!


Narda reports that the doorman laughed at her when she came home this am, saying that there were over 20 (that’s twenty) packages for us!

Wow. Thank you lovely internets. You are amazing.

13 thoughts on “Gulp!

  1. R u going to be taking time off, such as a maternity leave, the both of you? With the arrival with your new daughter?

    Good luck and I am so happy for you guys.

  2. Wow, it’s coming so fast! I know you aren’t going to share name choice for a bit, but are we going to get to see pictures before then? Oooh, I hope so, but will respect whatever you choose of course!

  3. ARGH!! How can you stand it? I would be bouncing off the walls and climbing the walls and whatever else that certifies one as being a little bit crazy.

  4. apropos of very little (except your blog title): when my sister and I were growing up in (in NYC) we called hydrangeas “snowball bushes.” I was pretty old before I knew their real name.

  5. I woke up this morning and ran to the computer (the cat still needs breakfast, but she can wait!)….but then of course, I can’t remember dates correctly so ya know, here I am, wrong day. 🙂

    But anyhow, all that to say I surely can’t wait (so I can’t imagine what you both must be feeling). !!! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, reactions, feelings…and of course, to hear all about the little one!

  6. I am so excited for you guys! I wish we had the extra cash to send you something for the little lady, but know that we are thinking about you all. Perhaps I will write “for baby x” in the memo section of the check next time I buy Charlie’s meds. Then you’ll know I got you SOMETHING!
    Anxiously waiting to hear all about her…

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