OK, so what do YOU do?

This afternoon, before heading out to have a lovely dinner with Conch and Ann, and their SCRUMPTIOUS daughter

and J and M and daughter Maya (picture to come later…), I stopped by my local Buck of Stars for a Venti Skim Cappuccino.

I thought it “looked” funny when I walked out, and only later noticed that I had moved the “sleeve

To align with the green circle logo. And THEN moved the sipping portion of the lid to align with the sleeve and the logo on the cup.

And I realized that I do this all.the.time.


I was one of those kids that would let my room get messy, but G-d forbid if a friend would come over and move a tzchoke or book from its pre-assigned position on my dresser or bookshelf. I could not get over there fast enough to re-align said object.

Come to think of it, I still do that shit.

How about you? What little anal things do you do on a daily basis without realizing?

22 thoughts on “Analaties…

  1. Hahahahahahhaha! You have me beat on this one! šŸ™‚ I love it. There is someone more anal in the world than I am. šŸ™‚

    The thing is, I do these kinds of things and have no idea I am doing them. We’ll have to see if Cait can fill us in on stuff that I do. But never fear, there’s lots of them.

  2. I know I do lots of things that are horribly anal. One thing that I do that drives Jean bonkers is refuse to leave an odd number of snaps exposed on Charlie’s diapers. So Charlie’s diapers are often either too tight or too loose, because I will NOT have an odd number of snaps.
    I also have a very certain way of folding socks, and woe betide the person who folds my socks wrong.

  3. Let’s see…off the top of my head:

    Fixing the couch pillows after anyone (including myself) has been sitting there. They have to be just “so.” Ditto bed pillows.

    All incoming mail has to sit in the mail tray in a sideways fashion. (That is, perpendicular to the long axis of the tray.) Just because.

    The mailbox lid must be flipped down at all times. Try convincing the mailman of this, as he perpetually leaves it up.

    Piper’s beard & eyebrows must be arranged nicely, and of course her outdoor play & indoor wallowing in the cushions tend to muss them, so I’m constantly having to “fix” her face.

    That’s it for now – I’m sure there are scadloads more, as I’m really borderline OCD. šŸ˜€

  4. You know, this is driving me crazy. Because I know I have them – Cait and I joke about it a lot – but can’t remember a SINGLE ONE right now. Grrrrr!

  5. Ok, got one. It’s not a daily basis thing, but after Cait painted the kitchen, she put the pot rack back up. And the pots and pans were facing the wrong way. I tried, I really tried to cope with it. I don’t want to be that obsessive. But I couldn’t do it. First, when I returned pots to the rack after they’d been used, I put them the “right” way. Then I cracked. I took all the pans and turned them around.

    All was right with the universe. Ahhhh.

  6. I have to have the roll of Toilet paper with the tail end coming up OVER the roll and heading toward the person instead of going back toward the wall. If I’m at a person’s house with the TP going the wrong way, I fix it. Really, I’m doing it for them.

    And I have to have the curtains open during the day. If I come home to closed curtains everything just feels so WRONG.

    Oh, and the bed always has to be made BEFORE I get in it. I don’t care if it’s messy all day, but by golly before I slip in it, all the sheets need to be straightened and tucked and the pillows need to be fluffed and placed in order.

  7. I’m very germ-a-phobic, my niece and partner, call me MONK after the TV show. When we go out to eat, I don’t like to sit under circulation vents, because of the dust, I don’t want my silverware touching the table, I have to drink out a certain glass at home-but that has nothing to do with germs-I don’t like to touch carts in the store because I think about everyone else that has touched them, and it irks me, I keep wipes and hand sanitzer on me at all times, however, through all of this, my precious Drew will go outside before coming to bed and go potty, then come upstairs and get into bed with mommy-granted I do wipe her paws off, but they’re still germs on them. I also can’t have dirty feet, I wipe them off with a washcloth before coming to bed. DP won’t get into the habit of it, but I am trying. The more I read this, the more I realize I sound like a freak!

  8. I always do that moving thing… Even at the therapist’s office. Once there was a piece of paper (a small scrap) left from a previous client probably, and while he was in the loo I had to pick it up and put it in the trash… I also have to do this at other’s homes… on the street sometimes and just about anywhere something is “out of place”. It makes hubby nutso and probably others round me. I wonder if the therapist ever noticed? Probably.

    *my child is doomed*

  9. Oh, yeah. My therapist shares an office and sometimes I have to tell her, “You know, your chair isn’t in exactly the right place” or “The picture is hanging crooked again.” And she’s perfectly willing to fix it. I love her! šŸ™‚

  10. Ya know, it’s funny I got my Tuesday morning Starbuck’s from a parent and, without even thinking about it, I turned the sleeve around. I then realized that I cannot drink from the cup if the seam on the sleeve is under the sippy part of the lid, nor can I drink from it if the seam of the cup is under the sippy part of the lid. I don’t have to match up the labels (cute though) but I just can’t drink it if the seams are all in the way.

  11. I’m with you, Trista, on the toilet paper. Everything must be straight and aligned around me, be it the papers posted on my cubicle wall at work or the window blinds in a home I’m visiting (I can’t stand to see one side higher than the other!)and yeah, my coffee sleeve/logos/sippy lid must all be aligned…

  12. I always write in my gradebook with a specific pen-a blue ink, fine point Expresso pen. And, if it runs out and I don’t have another, or if I forget it somewhere, my handwriting suddenly becomes illegible, as if a two year old is writing. Every year, when I do my supply order, I order (stockpile) tons of them like I’m afraid that they’ll stop making them.

    Sean is much more anal than I am though-he actually arranges our CD’s not only alphabetically, but by GENRE/TIME PERIOD as well. It must have been all those years at working at Barnes and Noble that did it.

    Then again, he’s a damn good carpenter, so I can deal with it.

  13. a) Definitely always need my Pilot fine point ballpoints, blue or purple. I am pretty unhappy if I don’t have them on hand. I ordered a box of black by mistake and, well…

    b) I alphabetized the spice rack. Co does the cooking so it gets out of order, but every so often I fix it.

    There are many, many more, but that’s all I can think of right now, oddly.

  14. 1. The toilet paper must be rolling towards me when I put it on the hanger
    2. My clothes go from left to right grubby wear, button up, sweater, most worn, pants, then shirts that are worn under another shirt.
    3. I always take a drink a bit of water, lotion my hands, and put on chap stick before sleeping

    I have to say that I kept things darn organized and orderly but after having my DD I’ve relaxed quite a bit but I’m not slobby.

  15. I am fanatical about having the dishwasher loaded just so. When my Mom visits she tends to load the dishes and after she leaves I take them all back out and put them in my way. I also refold any clothes that she folds. And the toilet paper thing, that is so me too.

  16. Ok, now I am getting somewhere:

    Item 1: The Socks. Every day I match my socks to my shirt. I have manymanymany pairs of cotton socks in a rainbow of hues. The socks must match the color of the shirt or pick up a main color from the pattern if not a solid shirt. In recent years I have been known on occasion to wear socks with a pattern (usu. stripes) but only with a solid shirt that has some color from the sock pattern. I have to be in a pretty centered state to pull that off! šŸ™‚

    Item 2: The Underwear. By contrast, when not pregnant (when pregnant I wear what I’ve got) I wear only two colors of underwear: black (when bleeding or potentially bleeding) or white. Only cotton, only bikini cut. I am boring, boring, boring. And I don’t care.

    I don’t know how Cait chooses her socks, but entertainingly, she matches her UNDERWEAR to her outfit. She has as many pairs and colors of underwear as I do socks, but her underwear comes in different patterns and colors, not just plain. She’s wild like that.

  17. The toilet paper thing is my main thing…it HAS to come over the roll. I will even change it at other people’s houses cause it bothers me so much. I have gotten over a lot of my unique issues as I found life it too short to mess with the small stuff. Every now and then… I will even wear non-matching socks with my boots…how many of you are cringing now???

  18. I am SO excited to see your new baby!!! And…I kinda have to agree with the pink thing. I figured IF I ever do have a baby…I will bring them home in Harley Davidson clothes..and my mom will flip out…oh well…get over it!!

  19. After reading the many comments… I am convinced the rest of the world with their OCD and Anal tendencies are quite normal, while myself who is so oblivious of the toilet paper or sippy cups, or pillows on the couch, or magazines left sideways is really the one with ISSUES. Nothing phases me – NOTHING. Not blasting heavy metal music with blasting opera as an accompaniment from my teenage sons. Perhaps once upon a time something freaked me out – but I think teenagers broke me of this. Or maybe I am just truly a mess. Sighhhh – perhaps this is my issue, feeling inferior for my lack of Anal!!!!

    Ohhhh I think I thought of something. Do not wear hawaiian floral pants with a pocket tee shirt, sporting a beer label. HAH! I am normal afterall – If your Jammies do not match, than watch out Sistah… I am going to twitch all night. YAY for ME! I am normal. Ooooh, and if you are going to wear panties and a bra, they better color coordinate. I feel so much better now – Thank YOU!


  20. Forgot one…I have to rip off the end of toilet paper before I use it. I do this because you never know whose hands touched it before you…now you have me paying attention to every quirky thing I do. šŸ™‚

  21. I have to have plates loaded in the dishwasher desending by size.
    I have to set my alarm to wake me up at a 7 #. (meaning 6:01 or 6:28)
    before I get into my bed I have to do a little cricket thing with my feet to make sure my feet are clean before touching my sheets.
    & I have to take my pills in order by size.
    seeing the shrink tomorrow — it’s all cool!

  22. My anal thing ? I won’t leave the house without matching bra and panties. Yep, you won’t find me wearing matching socks but god forbides if I leave the house without matching underwears. What would the paramedics think if I ever were to be rescued ?

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