13 Pounds

That’s 13 POUNDS. She’s 8 weeks, 4 days old. They say she’s happy and alert and doing really well.

They did not say adorable, and I totally go into the fear place of her being an ugly baby. Does it matter? no. Do I still have that fear? yes. Am I a bad person for that thought? I hope not.

But 13 pounds, people – she’s HUGE!

We meet her tomorrow.

I can’t wait!

47 thoughts on “13 Pounds

  1. welcome to the big baby club! can’t wait to hear about tomorrow and everything after. she’s going to be gorgeous no matter what- can you imagine what uma thurman must have looked like as a baby?

  2. I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight and then get off work tomorrow to see if there are pictures. Actually, I’ll be checking from work as I’m doing now. Bet tomorrow will be a record for # of hits???

  3. I’ve checked several times today because I knew there would be a “one more day” entry! I’m so excited.

    You are totally normal for worrying about her looks. I worried with both of my kids. “What if they’re ugly? Do parents of ugly kids realize they’re ugly?”

    You’re daughter will be beautiful because she’s yours.

  4. There is no such thing as an ugly baby!

    TOMORROW, TOMORROW, I love ya tomorrow
    You’re only a DAY A WAAAAAY

    (singing for you). Can’t wait for pictures.

  5. your baby won’t be ugly!

    and 13 pounds isn’t big – my CAT weighs 13… and my cousin’s daughter weight 13 when she was BORN (ouch people!)…

    one …. more…. day…. !!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Shelli & Narda,

    Ayn li milim l’habiya kama ani smecha she shtaychen higaten l’rega zeh. Darkechen ha’arukah v’kasha sof-sof mistayemet b’osher hachi gadol she yesh!! Mazal tov!

    I have no words to express how happy I am that you two have arrived at this moment. Your long and difficult road is finally ending in the greatest joy there is!! Congratulations!


  7. Totally normal fear! I think we all worry about it, lol. And as Anonymous wrote, you WILL find her the most adorable thing on the planet πŸ™‚

  8. de-lurking to send my congrats to you and Narda. I have lurked on your story for a while and am so happy for you.

    I worried that both of mine were not cute (and in retrospect they both looked not so hot as newborns…though they’ve made up for it in spades). You will find her the most adorable thing on the planet, and she will reflect that love right back to you. I can’t wait to lurk on pictures!

  9. I know that y’all will be uber busy tomorrow, what with becoming PARENTS and all, but if you can spare a moment to post a picture, oh that would just be spectacular. Seriously, I’m all a-twitter with excitement for you both & will most certainly be spending oodles of time hitting refresh for news!

  10. I was going to come on here and congratulate you, since I remembered you from FF. Then I saw this comment from you on Emilin’s blog:

    “Isn’t it also amazing that it’s the same right to lifers and such that are the FIRST ones to support guns and support bombing of Women’s health clinics?”

    Wow. Maybe if you would like people to stop making generalizations about homosexuality, it would be a good idea for you to stop making such blanket statements as above. As a pro-life person I find that statement appalling.

    I do wish you well with your new daughter. I also hope that someday you will find the tolerance that you wish to see in others.

  11. You are right, anonymous poster.

    Absolutely right.

    But my comment wasn’t directed at you. It was directed at someone who made an anoymous HATEFUL and VILE judgement at someone that I know and care about.

    She didn’t know them.

    I believe in Choice. And sadly, so many folks forget that CHOOSING not to have an abortion is a choice, too.

    I HAVE found, however sad and true it is, that MANY MANY MANY people who protest in front of abortion clinics are the FIRST ones to demand the death penalty and to support gun ownership.

    It’s a sad, sad irony.

    I will admit to having my own judgements, and prejudices, and if I ever offend anyone, I’m sorry about that. Truly.

    But I will also share that I am NEVER an anonymous poster. I share my opinions all over the map, and I do it pubically, never hiding behind anonymous, which, by the by, isn’t really, because I can access your IP address, simply based on the time you posted your comment.

  12. And, um, I think it’s funny for a Jewish Lesbian in a bi-racial relationship, adopting a black baby, to be told to be more tolerant of others…

  13. Yeah, Shelli- you just don’t know a lick about tolerance.
    bwah ha ha!
    But enough of THAT-
    Let’s get back to doing the happy dance & rejoice in this BLESSING that is just effing hours away!!!!!!!!
    wooooooo hoooooo!
    Much love to you & Narda as you count down.
    Thank you for sharing your journey & touching so many peoples lives. You have single handedly spot lit hope in a sometimes dark world.

  14. Yay for big babies! And yes, as most have said, you know you will think she is the most beautiful baby you’ve ever seen. One. More. Sleep!

  15. Yay, I’ve been checking for the day-before post! You must have a whole conservatory of butterflies in your stomachs today. She’s going to be beautiful and so will all of you as a family! I can’t wait to see your pictures if you choose to post them.
    By the way, I think you were right before- there is a particular type of person you were speaking of, and the homophobe you were responding to at Name That Mama definitely fit that type. It can be difficult, as I have met (a few) anti-choicers who are supportive of GLBT rights, but it is hard not to distrust because usually the two go together, along with support for the death penalty and unregulated guns. So, anyway, I hear you. Your daughter will be so lucky to grow up with passionnate, thinking moms. Congrats! -Kate-

  16. Shelli, one more sleep until you’ll hold your forever daughter in your arms. Congratulations my friend. Your journey has been long and arduous but will be so worth it tomorrow.

  17. Shelli and narda i have not been a member of ff since they made the message boards for paying members but i have always come to your blog and im very happy that it seems your dreams are finally coming true. i will look forward to you sharing your happiness through photos!

  18. I think 13 pounds is a great size for almost-2-months! She sounds wonderful, and I’m so very very happy for you both. (BTW, that’s only just at the 95th percentile for baby girls – certainly not a mammoth!)

  19. WOW that’s great. My little peanut is only a little over 15 pounds right now and she’s 8 1/2 months!!! Yep and they’ll be in the same size (3-6mo). Anyway I understand those thoughts but they will be gone tomorrow when you MELT with her in your arms!

  20. I am certainly not as excited as you girls must be, but I am overwhelmed with excitement anyhow! ONE. MORE. DAY. YEA!

    Can’t wait to get home tomorrow and read the news. I will be waiting patiently. Who am I kidding, not so patiently! LOL

    Blessings for your Gotcha Day!


  21. No matter how she looks, she IS beautiful!! And she will have a beautiful forever family. I’m so happy for you guys and in my circle, 13 pounds at 2 months isn’t that big at all…We are all anxiously awaiting a picture but please do not feel any pressure to post one until you’re ready to do so…we understand!! l’Chaim! (did i spell that right?)

  22. She will be sooooo beautiful because she’s yours. Congratulation to the new family !!! Thank you for sharing with us your story. You give many people some hope !!!

    p.s My son was almost 12 pounds when he was born…it’s just more to love !!!

  23. Shelli an Narda! yeh, countdown begins! less than 24 hours to go till you have you bubba in your arms!!!!!!!! So happy for you, the day is here!

  24. Yea! Another big bouncing baby. As I type, I’m holding the lovely 12lb 11oz Evelyn on my chest, and I still have feeling in my limbs. She’s just 2 days older than your daughter (Don’t you love the sound of that–“…your daughter!”)

    What anticipation! If you find yourself scrubbing the kitchen floor or reorganizing the entire fridge at 3am tonight, don’t worry. That’s just the nesting instinct that kicks in when you’re about to have a baby!!!

    Please post a pic asap!!! πŸ™‚

  25. I’m so excited for you guys!!!!! I’ve been teary since I read about you getting your daughter on Monday-I’ve been a bad blog follower. 13 pounds is a great size. My guys took a while to get there but they were so small when they were born…. All your fears are so very normal. All mommies go through them. No matter what, your daughter is going to have two terrific mommies who travelled a long journey to meet her. Enjoy every last second with her-it goes so fast (Evan, Bob and Will are going to be a year old next Wednesday).
    Dana, Bruce, Evan, Bob and Will

  26. Wow, that is more than twice the size of our daughter, of course she is 10 times as old!

    We are so excited for you guys.

  27. Yay! I can’t wait for it to be tomorrow for you. I will, of course, understand if you are too busy to take and post pictures and updates, but will be in horrible horrible suspense until you do. Enjoy your first day with your daughter!!!

  28. Eeek! The excitement – and how cool is it that Brooke can talk about her daughter and your daughter in the SAME SENTENCE?!?!?

  29. 13 lbs means chubby baby feet, adorable pudgy legs, and all sorts of cute things. Not so odd to worry about how she looks – I think that is a normal fear. And she will be beautiful – simply because she is yours.

  30. YAY!!!!
    You are not a bad person. We call ugly babies troll babies. But troll babies grow up to be good lookin’ toddlers. And I’m sure she will be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

  31. Most bassinets are for 15 lbs. and I think they’re good until they’re 3 months old so 13 lbs. is fine. Whether she’s cute or ugly you’re not bad for wanting her to be cute. I know you both will love her either way. I was so worried about my DD being ugly and we think she’s the cutest baby ever. I hope you like the items I sent to you. My 3 boxes must have been part of the 20 you got that one day LOL. Good luck tomorrow and I hope she’s everything you expect and even more.

  32. I bet she’s just beautiful.

    You might think she’s strange-looking at first, but by the end of the day she’ll be the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen.

  33. congratulations again shelli (and narda!!).. tomorrow, along with finalization day, will be the happiest day of your lives. i’m so happy for the both of you. and always remember the poem:

    not flesh of my flesh,
    nor bone of my bone,
    but yet miraculously my own.
    never forget for a single minute,
    you didn’t grow under my heart –
    but in it.

    love and hugs.

  34. So excited for you….and wondering if she will be ann ugly baby is normal I think. I remember Jody asking me while I was pregnant what if he is an ugly baby. However she will be beautiful and you won’t be able to stop looking at her. WOO HOO

  35. How exciting!!! The ‘ugly thing’ is normal. I just received my referral today from Guatemala. I was relieved to see that my baby is just gorgeous. She is only three days old in the picture but is definitely a pretty baby.

    I can’t wait to read your next update.

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