I know that you, you lovely internets deserve to see more pictures, and they WILL come. We are waiting for March 3rd, however, as that is the date of the end of the 30 days – You know, just in case.

We are horribly superstious, and just don’t want to jinx things too much.

But I promise to write more details about her, and she’s taking her first LONG nap since being with us – THANK YOU CAR SEAT! We took an hour long walk around the block, and she’s STILL napping!

We’ve had our first odd homophobic incident, but it was from a kooky neighbor that everyone hates anyway, so it rolled off of our backs. Most folks are thrilled and delighted to see her. One day she wasn’there, and now she is! And since we never really shared much info about her with our neighbours, it’s been kind of funny to see everyone’s reactions. Mostly wonderful, of course.

OK, Good Shabbos everyone, I’ll be back sometime Sunday with some more updates.

10 thoughts on “Pictures…

  1. Doing the pouty dance here, but with much understanding. I’d probably do the same thing, so I will be patient and know that the little cutie will still be photogenic on March 3rd. Is this the same time we will learn of her name?

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! What a cutie!!! Congrats!!! It gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about your new little one! I am so happy for both of you!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Shelli & Narda:
    I’m so overwhelmed with this great surprise!!!!! I don’t have the opportunity to check in often, and just learned today that you guys FINALLY have your sweet little bundle. I’m so happy for you three (plus the kitties) Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!!!!!

  4. I bet your stats counter has gone through the roof these last couple of days. I’ve been checking routinely through the day!

    Have a great weekend with both of your sweeties! šŸ™‚

  5. Shelli–

    She is so beautiful. I’m a little late arriving on the scene for this one, since Max arrived on Thursday as well.

    Mazel Tov to you and Narda! I hope your first Shabbos as a family of three is magical, restful and all that you have dreamed of for these long years of waiting for your baby.


  6. Ohmygosh… you have a beautiful daughter and she is safely in the arms of her two loving mommies. Tears are streaming down my eyes as I write this; I’m so happy for you. Your baby… YOUR daughter… You three are so fortunate.


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