I can’t believe I’m about to do this..

But I’m going to write about baby poop and congestion and the fact that our daughter is a GENIUS. a GENIUS, people.


I’m kvelling here – but I’m also wickidly anxious and mildly sleep-deprived. I feel better this am, as Narda let me sleep on the couch for a few hours, and Cougar peed and pooped, and So did our little motek (Hebrew for cutie-pie).

She (the baby, not the cat) has some congestion, and we, of course, freaked out. I realize that those mommies that get their babies “fresh” – aka from birth, get some time to get used to their babies. Our “baby boot camp” starts with a 9 week old.

But my anxiety levels always seem to peak at night, and be somewhat abated with the daylight.

We’ll bring her in on Wednesday, and unless her congestion gets worse, just chalk it up to those things that babies get a lot of.

She’s SUCH a happy easy baby. We haven’t quite figured out the night time sleep thing yet, but she’s getting better at it, and just took an hour and half nap, and had some GREAT dookies this am, too. In fact, I was changing her diaper, and with her knees up, she felt comfy to let the dookey keep on a comin. So she’s REALLY happy now – I mean, after all, don’t we ALL feel GREAT after a good dookey?

SO many fun nick names I can play with now using dookey. I’m sure she’ll appreciate that when she’s 15, and I call her my little dookey princess…

Oh yes, and the GENIUS part…

Our first day with her, we put her down on the Jimminy mat – the mat with the curved things that hang down, she just looked at them. WELL… yesterday, she grabbed for the giraffe. And she held onto it! GENIUS! AND, she found her thumb yesterday, too. It’s amazing, I tell you. AND she gets cuter every day.

Now to be honest, we TOTALLY like her, and tell her how much we love her. But our first day, we were so overwhelmed, we were wondering if we could give her back. That feeling is fading, of course, and each moment that she snuggles into my chest and nods off to sleep, arms curled up just make me giddy with joy and love. Those moments are coming more and more.

Now if I can jsut get a handle on the anxiety I feel when she’s a little sick. I KNOW I get anxious when Cougie is ill, and I never knew I could feel even MORE concern and angst. Until now. So I’m sure you can ALL imagine what last night must have been like with a non-peeing cat and a congested little girl. I went into anxiety overload. But then Cougie peed, and our little Motek napped and made dookies, and is not cooing at the Jiminy mat, being ever.so.cute.

Did I mention how HUGE she is? We think she’s grown even more, and it’s the 6-9 month clothes that fit her best. So she currently has 2 cute onesies that fit her, and all of the wonder-ific stuff that y’all sent will have to get passed onto House of Miao and Addition Problems – So get ready for a few care packages, lovely ladies!

OK, it’s time for Eemah to have some time to make some dookies, so I will sign off for now.

I still can’t believe I’m writing about our daughter. Wow.

I hope y’all don’t mind. I will still write about the pain of infertility and the adoption journey, esp. as our SW will be checking in weekly, and coming to visit, and the three year long journey to get here, but for now, I’m distracted by cuteness!

And we’ll share her name on Friday, Feb. 24th. It’s an evil-eye thing…

10 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m about to do this..

  1. You are truly a real mom when you write about dookey. 🙂

    Even moms that birth their babies have moments of “cant we put her back in”…so that’s understandable.

    6-9 month things already? I bet she is just adorably chunky and sweet!

    Hang in there…it gets easier every so often.

  2. I think my father still had “can I take ’em back?” up to and including, hmm, let’s see, probably yesterday. I’m 32 and my brother 30!

    Totally normal to freak at the least little thing. Even moms that get them straight out of the oven flip out all the time. Heck, I’m a L&D/postpartum nurse and some of the most anxiety filled queries are from second-time moms who are sure there’s “something wrong!” with their new little because he/she isn’t doing EXACTLY what the last one did!

    You guys are doing great. And I learned a new word today: kvell. Your daughter is now spreading cultural awareness around the globe. Such genius!

    I wanna send some clothes and can’t seem to figure out how. Is there a link for non-quilty gifts?

  3. i’m just catching up after being out of town – i can’t believe i missed her arrival! she is absolutely lovely – i want to pinch her cheeks! (gently, of course!) i’m so happy for you and the joy you’re finding in poo!

  4. You, Shelli, are just adorable!!!

    As for the congestion, sorry to hear that your little poo-poo-princess is having trouble breathing. It may just be the fact that it’s February; Evelyn has to have her nose suctioned out with the lovely syringe bulb several times a day, especially at night.

    Can’t wait to hear the name.

  5. Yippee for the peeing and pooping – felines and humans!! What a joyous day! I look forward to more stories involving the Dookey Princess.

    Waiting impatiently to hear what her name is…..

  6. Since today was a day I would have gladly put my children back where they came from, I can sooooooo relate. Unfortunately, I could not stuff them back in. 😉

    We are stuck with them. We’ll be glad we kept them next time they do something cute.

  7. You can feel free to write about as much dookie and daughter stuff as you can bear. I love every beautiful moment of it.

    Bought her a 12 month old onesie over the weekend… in anticipation of her growth. 🙂

    Have fun mommies!

  8. Wait until she’s older and she’ll do all the potty talk. You could be having a nice dinner with friends when she proudly and LOUDLY announces that she has to go poo-poo!

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