Oh carseat, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!

So yeah, still anxious – but it’s getting better.

She slept from 9pm to 6am. STRAIGHT THROUGH.

We brought her into the doctor yesterday, to be told she’s not sick (YEA!) (and, um, she now weighs 14.3 pounds!) But that she is a “reflux baby.” The solution you may ask? ONLY 4 ounces per feeding (we were doing 6 – erp), keep her upright for 20 minutes after feeding, and she can SLEEP in her car seat. It helps to keep her upright, and acid from floating up into her little esophagus. In theory, this should all abate after 3 months, but let me tell you, as tired as I am, only waking up every 40 minutes or so to just peek at her and not have to hold, cajole and walk around with her makes a WORLD of difference.

We think she’s settling into us, too.

OK, LOTS to do with this nap in place now. The least of which is shower. Um, I SO haven’t done that since Thursday! I can’t believe that.

One thing I have to keep in check is my communication with Narda. She caught me saying to our little snuggle-frog: “Maybe mommie will make you a bottle.” When I should have just said: “Narda, will you make a bottle?” I broke myself of that nasty habit with the cats, and now the snuggle-frog will pull me into that horrible pattern too, and I MUST break it before it roots itself into my psyche.

OK. Coffee time, both of my girls are napping. I get one later. I have to go to work tomorrow – it’s a mixed bag – glad to go in and get some stuff done, but not wanting to leave my girls. And to be honest, there is really something nice and magical about staying in one’s jammies all day and taking random naps ALL DAY LONG.

11 thoughts on “Oh carseat, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!

  1. Ahhhh….the joys of a new baby!!!! I have one word of advice…throw the damn baby books away because your little bundle of joy didn’t write the book and has her own agenda and own timeline of things to do. Just enjoy her! Every minute..every second. They grow so fast and no longer want to sit in your lap and snuggle. I love hearing about her!!

  2. Shelli, the trick to showers is a colorful shower curtain -Y. used to stare for ages at our very patterned one šŸ™‚

    Oh, and I still do the “we” thing when it’s really J. that does 99.9% of the bottles (actually, I still read the instructions on the can…)


  3. She sounds delicious. Little snuggle-frog indeed.
    Our friends (who are on the Journey Through Foster Care) have had experience with reflux babies, so if you want any tips through them, I am more than happy to share what we’ve learned. (and have not had the opportunity to practice, on, say, the dachshund….)

  4. Shelli, I am so happy for you & Narda. I have followed you over here from the fertilityfriends/donor insem board. I am glad that you finally got to become Mommies & I wish you all the best with your new little family. Your baby is just a bit older than our son who was born 12/28. I am so very excited for you & Narda! Congratulations!

    Laurie (imthemama99)

  5. Congratulations Shelli and Narda,

    You both have had such a long and difficult ttc journey. You are both such wonderful people and I am so happy that you that you have our lovely baby girl with you!

    Thank you for all the support you have given on the FF boards – you are both inspirational people.

    Good luck for the future – How wonderful for you both!

    Love, Jules (UK)

  6. I know you didn’t ask for any assvice, but wanted to share that the only things that helped Liam *at all* with his reflux issues were homeopathy and cranio-sacral therapy. At almost 2 he is now finally reflux-free!

  7. Yay! Just catching up–I’ve been taking a little blog break, stupidly enough šŸ™‚ About the acid-reflux; my sweet little niece has had it since birth, pretty much, and she’s just going to be a year this month. If you get sick of the car seat (not that you should, but I’m giving you options here :), her mom angled the crib and pack-n-play mattresses with blocks or books or something under the head-end so that she’s not lying flat. That’s helped–a lot.

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