the Staph infection!

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the Staph infection!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

This is the result of nail clipping gone horribly wrong! My poor little girl now has a Staph infection in her finger!

I am terrified, to say the least, and will be watching said finger like a HAWK to make sure it doesn’t spread down her finger. Poor thing, I’ll also be subjecting her to LOTS of temprature taking today, too.

AND, I have to take poor Juno to the vet at 5:30 today, for HER infected tail.

As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m a MESS.

11 thoughts on “the Staph infection!

  1. Shelli! You poor thing. I hate, hate, hate cutting ME’s nails. It’s just the worst! And I thought cutting Oliver’s were bad (my dog)! I have nipped ME’s poor finger, never had an infection though but I’m sure it will be ok… these things happen.

    Hope things get a little less hectic.

  2. Oh my! Will be hoping she is ok and healing up quite quickly. The best to Juno as well may she heal fast too.


  3. poor little one, and poor you for the worry you have. It will be okay. Lots of kisses and love from her two mamas will make everything better.


  4. Welcome to another rite of passage into mommyhood… After nicking DS, I took my hospital nurse’s advice and bit his fingernails rather than cut them. I only got brave enough to use the clippers again when he was close to a year old. Give it a try, it’s actually a very easy way to get them short!
    🙂 melissa (from Cmoms)

  5. awwww poor baby and poor kitty

    On my left thumb I have a miniscule little bumpy scar from my mom’s first attempt to clip my nails. After that, she filed my nails with an emory board while I slept until I was old enough to sit still.

    are you putting a mitten on her hand until it clears up?

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