The vet wants to amputate Juno’s tail.


Her exploded cyst is not getting better. We were sent home with anti-biotics, and trimmed fur around the area on her tail. He reassures me it will bother US more than it does her, and it will prevent it from getting worse. I had been putting some topical antiobiotic cream on it, and he said to keep doing that, after cleaning it with hydrogen pyroxide, if only to prevent her from licking it.

If the anti-biotics don’t get rid of the infection, off it goes! Day surgery. I asked him how much it would cost, with him bearing in mind that she IS 15 years old, and we JUST adopted a daughter. he said not to worry, it will be under 300.00.


At least it appears (I don’t want to jinx it) that Malka’s finger is, if not greatly improving, at least NOT getting worse (knock wood, spit spit).

Think good thoughts for the June-bug, k? I have pictures of her infected tail, but will only send via e-mail if anyone is curious. It’s not too bad, but it is kinda yucky looking.

13 thoughts on “Amputate!

  1. My cousin’s dog had to have his tail amputated. I remember initially thinking he looked kind of funny (I was pretty little at the time), but then honestly we all got used to it and he lived the rest of his life full of love and health. Hoping the same for your kitty!!

  2. I have a canine that digs his ears in the dirt and scratches them to infection. It is funny and frustrating.

    He scratches. His back leg shakes, and he groans in enjoyment. Afterwards, he takes a trip to the vet.


  3. Oh, Jesus, Shelli, when I saw that title, my heart stopped. I had no idea there was anything going on with Juno’s tail so I thought it was the f*ng*r! Thank god it’s not. Maybe change the title to reduce the cardiac arrest among your friends?

    Anyway, hugs to poor Juno and his moms.

  4. Geesh!!! You are not having good luck at all!!! Here is a suggestion…you can take it or leave it…and think it is gross…whatever. My great grandmother told me to chew…yes…I sais that my son’s fingernails off when he was an infant so I wouldn’t cut him. I always thought it was pretty gross…and didn’t tell anyone…but…now…maybe I know why she told me to do that! Here’s sending you lots of good health….Poof!;)

  5. I’m with Jen on changing the title, I too almost had a heart attack when I saw it on bloglines.

    Your Juno looks a lot like our Idli (visible as a cat-pillow in one photo)!

  6. Awe poor Juno. She won’t be too freaked by it and if it must be done don’t hesitate, I know it is scary though and will send healing vibes and hopes that it does heal and surgery is not necessary.

  7. I’m sorry, Juno. One of our kitties had to have part of his tail amputated, and he recovered fine and everything, but he did miss that part of him as evidenced by hissing at the end of his mini-tail. But we did get to enjoy living with him for another 5-6 years, so it was worth it. Hope you all get to have an extended period of no doctor/vet visits after this.

  8. Poor Juno. Can’t be any fun for her, either.

    On the bright side, her world will be safe for rocking chairs. And I’m glad you weren’t referring to Malka’s finger in the title, too.

  9. Glad Malka is doing ok. I’m sure that was scary. Just FYI, my sister slammed (accidently, of course) her cat’s tail in the door when he was trying to escape, so the vet cut most of it off. He was fine, just a little silly looking! Happy tail thoughts to Juno!

  10. poor kitty baby !!!! I can understand how you’d be upset — its easy for the vet to say not to worry, but at 15 shes practically a child of yours

    I adore my kitties and id be devastated in similar circumstances

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