Quilt Reminder

The lovely folks at Bom Quilts wanted me to post a reminder that if you were in the mind ‘ta makin us a quilt square for Malka (either a block, or some fabric choices), da deadline has sure done passed! Now, I myself had started a block, and then, well, we got Malka. So even I, am (koff koff) a wee behind. I know that Tammy is using the quilting project as part of her homeschooling lessons with her kids, so I’m sure it won’t be done in one day, but please do consider this a gentle nudging reminder that we’d LOVE some quiltin’ from ya’ll!

And I’m even sending myself a reminder to finish the block I started.

Thank you, this should be such a lovely quilt for Malka, to help show her how much she is loved from all over the world.

(finger is on the mend, by the by. The dookie situation is an interesting adventure after the antibiotics – WOAH, Nelly! but the Staph infection is going AWAY, and THAT is worth all of the stinky dookies in China!)

{NO offense to anyone who is Chinese – that was jut a reference to the phrase ‘all the tea in China”}

3 thoughts on “Quilt Reminder

  1. Ack, I’d forgotten about the quilt squares. I was going to use some of Lauren and Alexander’s outgrown clothes or baby blankets for my square. I’m glad I still have some time. I’ll try and get it done this weekend and off to Tammy.

  2. antibiotic-enhanced poo-poo diapers — ah yes I remember them well — can’t say as that I miss them though LOL

    I’m glad they are working though and that her finger is healing

  3. To say that I am not a quilter is a grotesque understatement. However, if I were, I would send something to Malka. I am sending her my love (and, you know, virtual kisses for her keppeleh).

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