Photo Friday

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Cougie as stuffed animal, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

This week’s theme resonates with me, as (before Malka), ALL I could take pictures of was the cats – I have TONS of cat pictures – just look at my Flickr pages for proof.

But here is Cougie, the CUTEST cat in the UNIVERSE.

And Ha’Shem made him so darn cute because he has “issues.” he pukes. alot. he poops in the shower. he has FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary tract disease) so he is on predisone every other day, and I have to monitor him to make sure he pees at least once a day. he likes attention, but then gets overstimulated, and meaows at you. and then puts his head under your hand, as to wonder why you stopped.

I love our little Cougs. Bless his little 14 year old heart!

7 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. LOVE the picture!!! I needed the smile today and to have a happy feeling!!! Thank you!!! By the way…you are doing a GREAT job being a mom!!!or being mommies…!!! The first one is always the most difficult…after that…instead of sterilizing a nipple on the bottle…you will let the dog lick it off and think it is okay…

  2. My baby HAS to be under the covers too, even in August, but she’s less snuggly and HUGE. Can we trade?

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