Preserve the nap…

At ALL costs, people! That’s what I’m here to tell you.

Yesterday, Malka and I made a lovely stroll down to the job, showed her sleeping cute self off, she was adminred by hundreds (ok, about 20, but still…), and then proceeded to meet her Auntie Cat who was going to come uptown and hang at the “pad, ” but then we BOTH had the brilliant idea that Malka and her Eemah should have a restaurtant outing and so off for Thai food we went. Malka woke up at the restaurant, and was a delightful charmer the whole time. She then went back to sleep when we were done, as Cat and I strolled about, ending up at that place with the Backwards “R,” where we used the loo, and I bought some bibs.

All was well, Malka even slept on the train on the way back. It was glorious. I had a good time, Malka slept like a mad woman, she was charming and entertained and entertaining and I felt refreshed.

Fast forward to 11pm. 1.5 hours after she went to sleep for the night.

“Hey mommies, how ya doin? I’m ready to PLAY! You see, I already slept my requisite 6 hours today, so let’s go!” me: “oh shit, what’s wrong? Does she have a fever (a little un-petrolium jelly and 2 minutes with a thermometer later, NOPE, no fever!) What’s wrong with our Malka girl?” Malka: “No, mommies, you see, YOU may be tired, but me? I’m READY! OK, maybe a little tired, hold on while I rub my eyes and cry a bit. Oh, you’re going to do that bouncy thing I like? COOL…zzzzz”

Fast forward to 1:30am: “Hey, isn’t this the day time? You know where I nap every 90 minutes or so? Cool, oh wait, it’s been AGES since I’ve eaten – let me tell you ALLLLLLL about how I feel about that!”

30 mintes, and a bottle later, zzzzz…

4:00am – “Hey, isn’t this my usual bottle wake-up time?” “um yeah kid, if’n you hadn’t been up 30 times already, but sure, why not? The neigobors must LOVE us by now…”

5:00am – “wow, I’m tired…zzzzz”

7:00am “OK gang – it’s dookie time, and you know how I HATE dookie dipes! let’s play!”

And so our evening went. Narda is a walking ZOMBIE, she let me sleep on the couch from 1:30-6:30am, since I had to go to work today, tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wendesday (when I start training my temp replacement…)

After we realzied she’s not sick, outside of a small cold developing, but she’s OK with that, that her Eemah had simply FUCKED UP and let her sleep too long during the day, we are now trying to NOT let her sleep all day, in an effort to re-stabalize the region.

We may have to send troops in. But hopefully, our peacefull sleeper will realize that her Eemah made a mistake and she’ll get back on track.

Say a little prayer for us!

And to all of you mommies out there – PRESERVE the nap! Keep it to its regularly scheduled hours…

(Cat – SO not your fault – I should have kept her awake longer!)

3 thoughts on “Preserve the nap…

  1. I had one with his days and nights mixed up – oh my! Good luck getting Malka into a better nap/sleep routine – those sleep deprived nights are rough.

  2. OMG I’ve been chuckling through this whole post, not at you but with you darling. Lesson learned… next time we shall sit her up and play with her during lunchies.

    Hope the adjustment works and she’s a night sleeper again.

  3. Almost completely off-topic comment: Я is a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet, which sounds like ‘ya’. I always think of this when places have signs that have backwards Rs.

    Glad all is well with your daughter!

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