Juno and the tail that is no more…

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Juno had her tail amputated today – she was a trouper! The vet said she did EXCEPTIONALLY well, esp. for such a little old lady.

Juno had a cyst on her tail for over a year, and on her last visit to the vet, it kind of exploded, but we all throught it was fine. She kept licking it, and it got worse, and wouldn’t heal – we tried antibiotics, we left it alone and I cleaned it daily with hydrogen peroxide, but alack and alas, it wouldn’t heal.

The vet thinks it’s fine, but he’s doing a biopsy regardless. We LOVE our vet. He’s the kind of guy that tells me when I’m being silly, and he has told me when NOT to come in. So we tend to trust him implicitly when he tells us that something SHOULD happen.

So sadly, off her tail went – he says she won’t miss it, that it will bug us more than her.

I hope so…

11 thoughts on “Juno and the tail that is no more…

  1. *serenading the lost tail* our mel lost about half of his in a tragic accident many years ago. now we call him “helicopter” because his tail no longer lilts, but sort of spins. healing hugs to juno no-more-tail and her moms.

  2. my old man had his tail amputated after he was hit by a car. It took me a while to get over it’s absence, but he seemed to be over it within a week!

  3. Hope Juno heals up well. I’m sure the vet is right and that you will miss her tail much more than she will.

  4. I think Juno looks splendid!! After all…now she is unique…unlike the other kitties. Maybe she will cop an attitude about being better than other the other cats. Hope she gets better quickly!

  5. Now she looks like my kitties! I have two Japanese bobtails. They wag their stumps as thought they actually have tails. It is extremely cute.

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