4 months and counting…

On April 17th, 2006 Malka Velma Angel (Malka-Palka-Pooka-Palka or Giggle Girl) turned 4 months old.

It REALLY does go by SO amazingly fast and slow at the same time. I wish for her to be walking and talking already, yet at the same time, to remain so sweet and (relatively) small.

She has her April Well-baby appt. next week, but we are guestimating about 19 pounds and 26 inches. I’ll let you know if we win any betting pools on that one.

So far, she’s not too interested in rolling over, but is so enamoured with our encouragement that she really does give it the old college try – she’s not aware, however, that she has to tuck her arm under herself in order to do so, so she just kind of swims in place and sometimes can make a full clockwise circle when on her tummy. She’s OK with tummy time, and is thrilled when she’s pushing herself up, and annoyed when her muscles fatigue and she has to lie down. She also LOVES standing up with our help – she’ll keep bouncing up, all gummy grins until you can actually feel her little leg muscles quiver, whereby she just sits down on you. Yesterday, we went to the playground and she went on the baby swing for the first time, and LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Giggles and gummy grins for all to see for miles around. She was looking at the big kids playing with SUCH interest, that I told her that she’d be a big girl soon and running around with them, too.

Outside of the rolling over thing, she’s pretty much on track with all of the things 4 month olds are supposed to be doing. Her interactions are increasing, she LOVES the mirror, and the silly songs we sing to her in it – her FAVORITE game is “bounce da baby” – I’ll wear her in the “bijornin-nornin” (the baby bjorn, but we call it the bijornin-nornin) and go into our bedroom, and in front of the big mirror, we’ll do a song called “bounce da baby, bounce, bounce da baby baby (repeat) then pause for a beat and then “ga doog-a-doog-a.” With this silly song is slight bouncing on my part, so that she is slightly jiggling, and in the pause, I lean over and stop. So does she – on the “ga doog-a-doog-a,” I shake slightly back and forth – this elicits giggles and grins for DAYS – it’s a sure-fire way to cheer a cranky Malka, and to just have a bit of fun. I’ll try to catch it on video sometime, as my description doesn’t give it justice, but she LOVES it, and it’s some fun Malka-and-Eemah time.

When reading the “your baby week by week,” we are mostly relieved, but also aware that babies advance and develop when THEY want to – for some things, like her interactions and push-ups on tummy time, she’s advanced. For others, like rolling over, she’s behind. But we aren’t too worried – as long as she eventually does it, it’s OK to skip around in the development steps, as long as you touch them all at some point.

She clearly recognizes us as her parents, but is also really great with other people. She LOVES being outside in her stroller, and it’s GREAT exercise for me to go on our almost daily 3 hour long walks. She loves going to Shul (Synagogue), and was such a trouper at the two Seders we went to – everyone commented on what a great baby she is. She only really screams if she’s over-tired or over-hungry, or has bad gas, and we obviously try to prevent those situations when we can.

On our adventure yesterday, we went to the bookstore with the ampersand in the title, and picked up both the Ferber and the Weisbluth books. Malka will sleep basically from 7:00 or 8:00pm until about 1:00ish am, with slight wake-ups in between where I run in and replace the pacy, or make sure the white nose is loud enough. After 1am, she’s up about every hour or so until a feeding and diaper change at 4:00ish am, and then is back down until 6:30 or 7:00am, when she’s up for the day. I’m not sure how or when we will sleep train her, but I DO know we have to transition her into her own room VERY soon – in an ideal world, this will all happen before I go back to work on the 15th of May.

I know that in theory, she IS “sleeping through the night” with her 5 or 6 hour stretch. Which rocks. It’s just that if she’s falling asleep at 7 or 8pm and waking up at 1am, well – that just sucks for us, doens’t it… So we know that since she’s at the “4 month mark” that some form of sleep training can begin to take place. Now we just have to figure out what kind and when.

She had a lovely moment with Cougar a few days ago, as whenever she’s on my lap, Cougie gets jealous, because, well, it was his lap first! So he tries to share, which works sometimes and does not work at other times. So he was trying to figure out how to snuggle on my lap with “the thing” on it already, when the “thing” reaches out and pets him – not once, but 3 times, and VERY gentle like, too! We were thrilled. I hope it wasn’t a fluke, as it looked deliberate.

Juno, by the by, is on the mend. She’s back to asking me for breakfast and bossing the boys around, which she took a break from for a few days after her surgery. I’m glad the old girl’s back to her usual self.

10 thoughts on “4 months and counting…

  1. Good to hear about Juno. Gus, who is 4 months today, can’t roll over either. But he’s very vocal, loves to do the standing thing also, is great at the tummy-time push ups– pretty much alot like Malka. Except he can’t do that sitting up thing! Glad things are going well for you three (plus kitties!)

  2. Happy 4 Months old! Love the picture!!! So cute! And wow she’s a big girl. My little peanut at 11 months is smaller (not even 16 lbs yet and 25.65 inches!) I also get the ‘your baby week by week’ thing. It helps but yea they develop as they want to so its ok to not be exactly on track and sometimes they are advanced too! She sounds lovely, and hopefully she’ll be sleeping longer and longer soon!

  3. Happy 4 Months, Malka!!
    I can’t believe how fast time is zooming by.
    & LOVE the bouncy mirror song- how cute! I’m telling you I get big, fat, happy tears when I read about your Mommy adventures. It suits you SO well!

  4. I also love reading your mommy tales, and gosh, I didn’t know babies were supposed to roll at 4 months; I know ours certainly did not. Malka sounds really happy and wonderful and she is so adorable. I hope for your sakes that her sleep improves, but otherwise it sounds like you all are doing very well.

  5. Shelli & Narda, it just makes my heart melt to see how happy you both are to watch your daughter grow and bond closer to you all with each passing day! This last pic of her she really seems to have a special little glow about her. I know it is because she is so loved and cared for. I think babies who have 2 mommies are doubly loved! (I may be slightly biased…ha!) As far as the baby’s weight…not a big deal IMHO. My Ava was 21 lbs at 4 and a half months. It also depends on the size of the birth parents…..sometimes. Like if some woman is 5’0 and 99 lbs chances are their baby will be significantly smaller than a woman who is, say 5’10 and 180 lbs. Hey, some babies are just big but healthy and happy, so there’s just more soft baby skin and pudgy cheeks to love on! Keep up the good work, ladies!

  6. What sort of white noise machine do you have? I remember you posting about it but I can’t find the post. Did you say that it turns on automatically when she cries?

  7. Shelli & Narda,
    You may not remember me. (FF) I check on you every now and then. She’s absolutely a living doll! 🙂 Congratulations!!! Love and hugs, Trista

  8. I love that picture! Malka is gorgeous. She sounds like she’s right on track. Julian, also a big baby, didn’t roll over until he was 6mos. As for the sleep training, we are huge fans of Weissbluth. Skip the first several chapters and go straight to the chapters that begin with the baby’s age. Now (4mos) is about the time to begin.

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