1,2,3, throw the oat-e-o on the floor.

One day at a time, Two weeks of a healthy eating plan, Three pounds lost. (Yea me!)

Malka is discovering the joys of the “pincer grasp,” and is getting more adept at putting oat-e-o’s (the wheat-free che*rio) in her mouth. However, part of her absolute glee is to put one in her mouth, and then to throw one over the edge, and to watch Quincy run at full speed to bat it around the living room, all to Malka’s giggles and shrieks. The two of them will make quite the team when she’s a bit more mobile…

Speaking of mobility, Malka turns 9 months old on Sunday, and she just rolled from back to front!!!! Go, Malka, go! (She even did it twice!) She can also quite expertly move all around, it’s just not actually crawling, per se. She can scoot backwards all over the place, and she still does her yoga stuff to access things from the forward position. It’s kind of a lean, reach, plop and shift motion, but she is determined with a capital “D.”

We’re off to Boston tomorrow, where we’ll spend lots of time at the Boston Children’s Museum. Folks from Boston – I have MAJOR envy of your Children’s Museum – it ROCKS. There is a room JUST for “under 3’s” and IN that room, there’s a padded crawler’s room – it’s wonderful. I can’t wait to get Malka in there again.

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