Happy 9 months, baby!

Today, Miss Malka Palka Pooka Palka, you have officially been in the big wide world as long as you were in birth mama V’s womb. You’ve been with your Eemahot for 7 of those wonderful months, and we had truly NO idea how our lives would change. ALL for the better.

You are our light and joy, we worry unnecessarily over you, and when you, as evidenced by your green snot this am, are working on daycare cold #3 (ugh), we sigh and secretly hope that one of us gets to take a day off of work to spend it with you.

Today, we are in Boston, and get to go once again to the awesome Boston Children’s Museum, with your friend Arden. You learned SO much the last time we were there, and I can’t wait to get you into the baby crawling room again.

Presently, you and Mommy are taking naps, as Mommy was SO wonderful and let me sleep in until 9am – 9am folks – I NEVER thought I’d be one of those people who thought sleeping in until 9am was a blessing. I USED to be one of those wake up at noon kind of gals. I think my transition into being more of a morning person from being a night owl was part of my body’s prearation for parenthood. Usually, we’re all up around 5:30 or so. So 9am was a REAL treat. But I sense impending wakefulness, so I have to get us all ready for our day.

We are SO lucky to have been chosen by you to be your parents, Malka. We love you very much and can’t wait to see what our future holds together.

Eemah (and Mommy)

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