Adults at last…

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The new sofa set, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

Working from home today, I finally have a few minutes to upload a few pictures of our new sofa set! It’s leather, baby. It can withstand cats and babies alike. It is a sleeper sofa.

We are thrilled.

I have sprayed *Feliaway,” on it, and will feed Cougie a snack near it, so as to prevent him from marking it.

Any advice for further cat-pee-prevention techniques are gladly appreciated.

(for now, he’s being locked in our room while we are out…)

13 thoughts on “Adults at last…

  1. aw, thanks!

    The husband of “S,” From (she is a good friend of ours) made them!

  2. Shelli, did Cougie pee like this before Malka?

    One of our felines has taken to peeing right in front of the litter box, instead of IN it, but only since bringin g baby home! I guess I outta be thankful that she is not peeing elsewhere, but it is still a problem.. ugh.

  3. Love the furniture, it looks great!! No help though with the cat peeing, we were having the same problem as jenhen and we ended up having to give away one of our cats. He started peeing everywhere but the litter box once we brought the twins home.

  4. nope, Cougie’s ALWAYS had “Pishy” problems. He’s 14 years old, and used to pee a lot MORE actually; but since he’s moved in with us (He was Narda’s mom’s cat, and we brought him home to NY when she passed away a few years ago), he’s been MUCH better – if he pees outside of the litter box, it’s because his aim is bad – he’s usually IN it, facing the back, and if he’d only go one more step inside, he’d be free and clear. but he’s just not that bright.

    he IS a love muffin, and mostly hangs out in our room, so keeping him there when we’re away isn’t a problem so much, but we’d like to let Quincy IN there, as it does have our bed, which is VERY kitty friendly…

    So there ya have it – NO changes in the peeing since Malka’s arrival – he’s always been a “Marker.” and a “I’m pissed off at you” pee-er.

  5. Those look beautiful! My parents’ former cat managed to destroy a leather sofa with her back claws. I trust your cats will be better behaved…

  6. we’ve had good luck with the fel*i*way plug in thingy. Just plug it in the room, maybe near the couch, and it’ll make him feel like the whole room is HIS ALL HIS!

    our cat has a poop problem, and only pees on things (like the BED…) when we’re away for a long time or something like that. we’ve successfully kept him from doing that for a while now, thankfully!

  7. Thanks, we’ll pick up the plug in thingy, too – the only problem is finding an available plug! 🙂

  8. loooooooooove felliway!

    & that leath-ah set looks fab. We have a leather couch in our den & it is sooo easy to clean. We get the cheap-o wipes from an auto store.

  9. Hey Shelli. Your furniture looks beautiful! Green with envy over here.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. No, I’m not running the marathon, but my husband did and will again maybe next year. I had to take his city-shy parents and brother all over town on a crowded subway all day so that we could spot him running at various locations. Oy! Not eager to do THAT again.

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