SO behind….

Please forgive me, internets – What with working for a Shul, and being heavily active in ours, this is a bad time of year for that mysterious thing called “free time,” aka, time to blog.

I have some great HP theories roaming about in my noggin, and I’m re-reading the series. Again. I can say this – (hopefully before someone else does…) I have some weird feelings about Mcgonagal in book 6 towards the end. I think there may have been some either poly juice potion, or control by Death Eaters going on. What?! You say, she’s crazy! I’ll go into more detail later on, but I just wanted to get the idea out into the open.

Malka now has 8 teeth, and we’ve FINALLY found a diaper that can last over night. We were getting PRETTY tired of the 3-4:30am awake time, because once she wakes up, it’s usually an hour and a half before she’ll go back down. ugh. And there’s nothing like a nice wet diaper to wake one up at 3am. So my hat is off to Huggies overnights, size 5. THANK YOU Huggies! (I’m sure popping two more teeth didn’t help with the wakings, either…)

We’re doing some serious decluttering, as now that we have the (below mentioned) faboo furniture, we need to make our apartment a bit more hip and less crowded. I did wonders with the linen closet this am. Tonight, I’m tackling the hall closet. Wish me luck.

Malka is also now doing this crab walk thing. Now that she’s mastered crawling, she’s WAY over it, and would rather stand up, thank you very much. We think that she thinks that the crab walk makes it easier to stand at her destination. Despite our best efforts at communication, she refuses to believe that crawling is actually a faster way to get to said destination.

Her nap time is almost over, and I have to make dinner. So internets, thanks for being there, and I promise to write more soon.

5 thoughts on “SO behind….

  1. I’m writing to Huggies to rant about the changes they made, so I’m glad *someone* likes them. Too bad she’s in a bigger size; I’d ship ’em off, and gladly. Get them OUT of my HOUSE!

    I have various theories on Neville. He’s one to watch.

  2. You’re lucky she’s so big – try finding an overnight diaper for a 19-pounder. Go ahead, try!
    Okay, so I could buy the Huggies Overnights online, but how annoying is that?
    FINALLY, I found Pull-Ups Nighttime in her size. I didn’t even know they made ’em. It’s soaked, soaked, soaked, but at least she’s not going through 2 pairs of pajamas every night! Who knew that a 16 month old, 19 pounder could make THAT MUCH pee?

    We’re re-reading the HP series, too. We’re on book 6. I’ve heard a stupid theory about Neville and a whole new series of books. If it’s true, I’m never reading any of Rowling’s stuff again. 😛
    But I’m totally curious to hear your theory, since we’re almost done with 6 so it’ll be fresh in my mind.

  3. I LOVE Huggies Overnights!!! ME sleeps 12 hrs and that’s the only thing that will hold it all in! I hope the sleeping thing gets better.
    hahah on the crab walk- too cute!
    The furniture is great!

  4. It is my firm belief that it is Neville that was the foretold one, but because the Dark Lord decided it was Harry, it became Harry. (Book 6 has a long diatribe in the dreams about how it is Tom Riddle’s decision that Harry was the one, which made the prophecy seem to come true.

    In the end, I think the Dark Lord will kill Neville, and Harry will kill Voldemort, making both prophecies right, either way you slice it.

    By the way, I don’t read these books anymore— I listen to them. And although there is apparently an American and a British reader, I only listen to the British one– read by Jim Dale, a true genius.

    Half Blood Prince link here:

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