Closer still…

So, for those who were un-aware, Malka is not officially our daughter yet.

Tomorrow, we head off to our adoption attorney to sign more paperwork. We will more than likely have a court date in February. But they say that adoptions in New York State can take up to 15 months, so we aren’t too worried.

It IS rather exciting, however, that we are *this* much closer to officially being her Eemahot.

We also set up our December meeting with Birth Mama V, and we’ll go see her on Monday, December 11th. We want to get her a Christmas present, but aren’t sure if she’s told her family about Malka yet, so our social worker suggested something “suggestive” of her name and personality. On placement day, we gave her a ceramic angel, since Angel is the name V gave her. But I really want to be creative about it. SO I’m open to ideas – any “themed” gifts that go with Malka Velma Angel?

2 thoughts on “Closer still…

  1. wow. I had no idea. She is SO very much your & N’s daughter. You have an amazing attitude about how long the process takes.

    & this may be a random gift idea- but something that could represent the continuous connection: a beautiful prism.

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