Just sign on the dotted line

So this morning, Narda and I met with the woman who will be facilitating the legalization of Malka’s adoption.

We signed lots of paperwork, certifying that we are who we say we are, that we do not have a criminal history, and um, I had to confess to stealing a Hello Kitty Crayon set when I was 10, that Malka will indeed have a gazillion names, and the like.

We learned that she was born at 6:56am – we hadn’t known that before.

The next step is for her (lawyer lady) to send the documents “downtown” to the Surrogate court (MUCH better than Family Court, everyone tell us) and then for us to wait for a court date. NYS Courts will have to give us a date within 60 days of “approving” our paperowrk.

So we could finalize Malka’s adoption as early as January.


(and um, for further squeeing, please go send some exciting adopting love to Art-Sweet!)

4 thoughts on “Just sign on the dotted line

  1. Huzzah and mazel tov! But in advance but not officially so I don’t jinx anything.

    (a slight pause while I fantasize about munching on her punim, the cheeks!!!)


    I’m all wiggly with excitement!

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