It all starts tomorrow…

After finding the courage to ask my doctor for it, and after finding the courage to blog about it, I wanted to let you know that I start Lexapro tomorrow. 10mg, once a day.

I’ll keep you posted as to how loopy I get, and when I say it’s making me crazy and I want to stop, please just remind me to ride the wave and let it do it’s job, and report back to my doctor after 30 days.

Anything to remove the anxiety that sits on my spirit like an overweight cartoon anvil falling at 100 mph destined to make a hole in the sidewalk. I need my spirit to soar again, instead of being squashed by useless fears.

It doesn’t help that Malka’s working on her incisors from hell and keeping all of us up from about 3 to 6 every morning, the poor boo. I can’t WAIT for them to come in.

5 thoughts on “It all starts tomorrow…

  1. I take the same dose of Lexapro. As far as this type of med goes, it was an easy one to get used to. Just don’t ever forget to take it! That is my advice to you.

  2. Longtime lurker here. Just wanted to say good luck with the Lexapro. I’ve been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I’m on my third week of BuSpar and life is worth living again! So good luck to you! Here’s to anxiety-free living for both of us.

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