Home again, home again…

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Glad we’re home…, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

Quincy was a bit miffed that we were gone for so long and um, forgot to tell him.

I’ll share more, including Malka walking all over the airport, and yet still holding onto the “security finger,” which I secretly remove sometimes, and just watch her walk all over unaware that she’s not holding on; or about how PERFECT she was on the plane; or how I got sick about 2 days into the trip and am STILL sick – you know, the “starts as a cough and moves into the head with a nasty sinus thing;” or how it was really nice (yet REALLY HARD WORK) to play the part of the stay at home mom while in Chicago, and as a result am secretly grateful for daycare; or how because I’m sick, my ears still haven’t popped; or how AWESOME it was to come home to our NEW fridge and 3 grateful cats.

But for now, I’m tired. I unpacked 2 of 3 bags, and still have to prep bottles for daycare and coffee for the am.

One thought on “Home again, home again…

  1. welcome home chica.

    sounds like you have the same cold our house had. hope you didn’t pick it up at hanumas. healing vibes your way.

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