5 thoughts on “21 is divisible by 7…

  1. Hey, didja pre-order yet? Are you going to get the deluxe edition too?

    I am a dork, because I get my “regular” copy that I read to death, and the “deluxe copy” that I leave unscathed. Yeah, a dork.

    Can’t decide whether or not to use B&N or Amazon, though…..tough choice….


  2. I’m so excited….but what am I going to look forward to when I finish book 7? I’m not ready for it to come to an end yet!

  3. Bittersweet news. I can’t wait to read it but then it will be the end!

    My daughter is REALLY excited. I am going to take her to her first Potter Party at Border’s or Barnes and Noble the night of the release. She will go dressed up as Hermione. How fun!

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