NOT the way I had intended to lose weight…

There’s a nasty stomach virus going around. Whenever “aunt flo” comes to visit (friendly terminology for any of my guy readers out there), my immune system re-routes itself, and makes me just a wee more vunerable to whatever is floating about in germ-land. Sadly, this time around, it was some wicked form of who-knows what, but being on a “looking up symptoms on google lockdown,” it’s hard to self-diagnose this one. I’ll just leave it at some nasty rota-virus-type-thingy.

Both Narda and I started feeling yucky Monday morning, so we figured we had some bad sushi Saturday night. MP3 was all giggles and grins, and so she was just fine. I felt a little loopy/nauseous at work Monday, but figured it would pass. Tuesday, I called in sick. I could not be vertical for very long, and spent almost the entire day in bed. Wednesday, I woke up feeling a little better, and even had a cup of coffee, to prevent the NASTY caffiene-withdrawl headache that plagued me on Tuesday. I was being such a good girl – bananas, rice cakes, soup, water, Pepto shots, etc. Thursday wasn’t too bad either. I even ventured into some “real” food.

Clearly, that was my downfall. I was up at 3:30am, and the rota-virus-thingy decided that I needed to be taught a lesson, and, um, I’m learning the hard way. Today, I’ve had diet C*ke, (strictly for the caffiene, in lieu of coffee), rice cakes, and Imm*dium. The imm*dium finally allowed me to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. Thank goodness for that. I’ve been working at home, and I have to go get MP3 from daycre in a bit.

One of my e-mail sessions was in regards to some B’nai Mitzvah stuff coming up, and our ‘family B’nai Mitzvah coordinator” just so happens to be a Doctor who specializes in gastro-related things. I let it slip that I was home sick, with a stomach thingy, and he said yeah, that’s going around, expect 2-3 days of recovery – nasty stuff. I was relieved to hear that, and I was able to get info. w/o resorting to a google search!

So here I am, I missed out on Shoe Week 2007, but all this week? I’ve just worn my “lesbian-mommy-comfy-ll-bean-shoes-from-sears” so we didn’t miss much in that department.

OK, I’m off to go do a last bit of work for work, and then get MP3, and I want to wish you all a good Shabbat, a good Tu b’Shevat, and a loving reminder to WASH YOUR HANDS – all the time. And if anything good comes from this week? My pants better fit a bit looser is all I have to say!

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