Where we receive the bad mother of the year award. again.

This am we are playing in her room as we are getting ready, listening to the AWESOME CD that Natalie, er, Jen made for Malka, dancing, and the like. She’s kind of too big for her changing table unless she’s REALLY tired or REALLY Distracted, so we have a futon-like sofa thing in her room, which doubles as a snuggle space and guest bed. So I put her on the futon-sofa-thing to get her dressed, change diaper, etc. Music is playing, all is well, Narda comes in the room, I turn around to grab a hair containment device and her brush, Narda screams OH MY G-D! I turn aorund, and we watch in v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n as our baby goes from a sitting position to falling HEAD FIRST to the hard wood floor. Beat beat beat. Cry (phew), run, pick up baby, Narda is flapping her arms in distress, and I’m sitting there calmly (thank you, Lexapro!) hugging my crying baby to make sure there’s no bump (so far, none, thank G-d!) and comfort my baby who is now hugging me. (Awwww)

Narda remembers her BIG bonk-a-boo from DC and how we forgot to give her drugs, so she reminds me to give her tylenol, and we go about continuing to get ready for “school.” (aka daycare).

She falls asleep in the stroller, but wakes up when we get to daycare, and I tell everyone that she had her bonk-a-boo and to keep an eye on her, that she should be fine, but to please keep watch.

OY, my poor baby – this is her 3rd MAJOR fall in just a year with us – HOW awful are we?

6 thoughts on “Where we receive the bad mother of the year award. again.

  1. From what I’ve heard, it just means you’re not “over protective”. πŸ™‚

    I remember the first time Niblet fell like that. It was, funny enough, while she was on our futon-couch-thingy. I had her propped on her back, but it was slidey (cuz we didn’t have the futon on a frame)and she rolled off. Onto her head, of course. She cried and I cried and we both took some Arnica. No bump, no lasting fear of futons. But it was scary.

    I’m glad MP3 is okay. Maybe next time she wants to practice her diving skills, she’ll give you a little warning!

  2. Not awful.

    Perhaps a little overly guilty, but not awful at all. Kids fall; it’s one reason humans have evolved such thick skulls. It’s also one reason I have four kids — one of them’s bound to survive my parenting bafoonery!

  3. Kids are tough cookies! Sabi fell off of my TALL bed straight onto the hardwood floor. I thought it was the end of the world. She rubbed her head and grabbed the toy on the floor and started playing!

    Another time… Sabi fell and chipped a tooth. I ruched her to the Dr and he looked me in the face and said “Uh-Oh!” My heart sank. He then went on to say “you know what this chipped tooth means, right? She now has character!”

    Malka will fine. Hugs to the mommies!

  4. Quinn fell off of the sofa and bumped her head last week. She got a lovely lump and purple mark. Over the weekend she was swinging a pull-toy thing and smacked herself in the same spot. Who knows if it left a mark because the other mark is still there. I guess what I’m saying is that kids are going to fall and our job is just to make sure that we attempt to stop as many as we can. Oh, and that we give them lots of snuggles when they do take tumbles. *hugs to you* They forget about the falls in 20 mintutes. It takes us weeks!

  5. Give the Malka-balka a kiss for me! My pediatrician used to say that you could tell how healthy a kid was by the number of bumps and bruises… I’d add that you can also tell how curious and independent she is!

  6. HUGE hugs for Malka! and if you’re after my bad parent award, I’ll have to smack your hand πŸ˜‰
    I sat Ray in the stroller sans straps as he looked at a book in wal-mart. STanding RIGHT in front of him for just a second isnt that always it) and Big Ray said hey look (duh) I looked and as I turned back half a heart beat later I watched Boogie (yep, that slow-mo just kills you) reach for the book that had slipped from his lap to the concrete floor headfirst. Thankfully, he more skidded and seemed to catch himself a little but his forehead and nose were red for a day. I feel your agony..I felt awful!
    Amy R

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