When Sweet Pea Pea Sweet comes to visit…

In our 5th month ttc (trying to concieve), let’s see, December, 2004, I believe…

We were feeling the need to nuture something, since we sensed that we weren’t getting anywhere on the road to parenthood, so we did the logical thing and adopted Quincy and Sweet Pea. After all, the pet store was RIGHT around the corner from the clinic, and we would always go look at the kitties longingly.

We picked Sweet Pea first, and then the folks from city critters kept saying that we needed another one to keep him company, that cats aren’t meant to be alone. I couldn’t have agreed more, but Narda was hesitant. But then she saw Quincy. It was a done deal.

Adopting Sweet Pea and Quincy was *almost* as difficult as adopting Malka – we had a home study, we had to pay a fee to the adoption agency, and we were scrutinized within an inch of our lives.

But in the end, Sweet Pea and Quincy became a part of our household, and they became the best of friends:

When Narda’s mom passed away, we tried to adopt out Cougar and Juno, but as you all know, that didn’t pan out. The senior citizens came to NY to live with us, and to worm their way into our hearts – puke, inappropriate pooping habits and all. As many of you know, Sweet Pea Pea Sweet passed away on Rosh HaShanah, 5765, September, 2005. He had barely been with us a year. It was F.I.P. – Feline Infectious Peritonitis. We think that Cougar and Juno may have brought some latent virus with them that manifested itself into FIP for poor little Sweet Pea Pea Sweet. it was a hard time – he was our first real baby. I said Kaddish, I sponsored a kiddush in his memory, I lit a yartzheit candle on the one year anniversary, and he is still on the bookshelf, in a tin, with his collar around it.

About a year ago, Quincy started acting “funny.” He would just, out of nowhere, meow, and then run off down the hall, chasing “something.” He’ll just be sitting calmly on the couch and then “get his freak on,” as we like to call it – it’s wacky.

We have decided that Sweet Pea started visiting us a while ago, but apparantly, Quincy is the only one that can see him. Occasionally, I “sense” him, or catch a flash of him running by, it’s odd, I can’t describe it – but Quincy TRULY engages in the behavior that he used to with Sweet Pea.

I share this, because Sweet Pea decided to visit tonight. While Quincy was sitting on my lap. Juno and Cougar were declawed by Velma, z”l, we don’t believe in de-clawing. After tonight, however, I’m reconsidering. Quincy tore off after “Sweet Pea,” using me as a launching pad. I have only been trimming Malka’s nails lately. I am COVERED in scratches – ALL unintentional – Quincy, like the other fur balls, loves his Eemah, but oh my LORD – OUCH.

Sweet Pea Pea Sweet, next time you want to visit? Please make sure that Quincy-beast is NOT on my lap.

Thank you.

One thought on “When Sweet Pea Pea Sweet comes to visit…

  1. I’m sure you miss Sweet Pea every day, how sweet that he comes to visit. My sister has a ghost kitty too, ghost kitty has even scratched her dog’s nose!

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