Thank you, Pingu!

We really don’t let Malka watch TV. Sure, she caught a bit of Access Hollywood and such in her early months, but in general, we prefer to play a CD, or turn the raido on, or play, or read to her. She’s a HUGE fan of books, and the repeating thing is getting SO old, but hey – if she wants me to read and read and read, who am I to say no?

So this weekend’s sick fest had me, by end of day, quite unsure as to what to do to keep the tears at bay for much longer. And then I remembered that we have “kids on demand” with our cable! Woot! So I flip on PBS kids, and there it is. Pingu! The adorable penguin who speaks in gibberish, except for this one sound that sounds like he’s saying “knock-knock.”

It kept her attention for quite some time, and allowed the feverish-whiney-velcro-baby to enjoy herself a bit this weekend.

So to the gibberish speaking penguin, I say a HEARTFELT thank you!

This morning, I brought Malka to MY doctor’s office with me. I was going to bring her in as well, but she was feeling MUCH MUCH better, and her fever was gone. My strep test came back negative (PHEW!), which also told me that MP3 was negative for strep, too. I think it was SUCH a great idea, actually. She had a great time, the nurses were all smitten, I was able to sneak over and grab a ride on toy from the Ped. waiting room, and bring it over, and malka got to see ME get poked and prodded by a doctor INSTEAD of her – a win-win situation, truth be told. I then brought her to daycare, came home and slept for 4 hours. I still feel yucky, but the sore throat and constant hacking have lessened. So for that, I’m grateful.

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