Eemah’s little helper…

Malka has hit the “mimic” stage – it’s SO wonderful, and endearing, and lovely, but OY does it slow me down!

When we leave or enter the house, she wants to kiss the Mezuzzah (it’s SO sweet), she helps with the recycling, and with taking the garbage out – she HAS to help carry the bags, and since it’s kind of too heavy for her, I actually carry the knotted bag, and Malka carries the handles. And we s-l-o-w-l-y work our way down to the other end of the hall and then I toss the bags down the chute.

She’ll come from which ever corner she’s occupying in the living room if I ask her if she wants to help eemah with the recycling.

She always helps with the laundry – I fold it, she tosses it, giggling all the way.

She helps with doing the laundry – she holds one strap of the laundry basket and we inch our way to the basement.

She helps with the sweeping – due to having 3 cats, and 2 litter boxes, we keep a hand sweeper and dustpan on top one of the litter boxes. (aka easy toddler access) So Malka will “sweep sweep” at any given opportunity.

Truth be told? I’m grateful for the pace, and I’m SO glad for the help. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Now I have to finish the rest of the chores and go search for the Chametz and burn it with my lulav. This is always the tricky bit, as we live in a NYC apartment, and I can’t just go outside and burn my chametz, I’ll have to be a bit sneaky…

A Ziessen pesach to you all.

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