the trouble with naps…

Not Malka’s, but mine.

After two seders that ended rather late, two days at home with a rambunctious toddler, cooking tsimmes and farfel and matzoah ball soup, and way more than 8 cups of wine in over 2 days, I was a bit pooped today.

I had SUCH grand plans for today. But by the time we all woke up, and by the time I got Malka to daycare in the rian and got back home, it was almost noon. OH the de-cluttering and cooking I was going to do today. OH how the storage unit was going to get sorted out. OH how I was going to cook some home made cat food for the beasties (since more and more food keeps getting added to the recall – but they aren’t complaining that I’ve switched them to Fancy Feast – it’s safe, AND yummy – and Juno and Cougar keep puking, but they are old cats and always puked a lot BEFORE the recall. So I watch Quincy, and he’s his same spastic self, puke-free, so I’m not too worried). But um, I got home, and layed down to “rest my eyes for a few minutes.”

And woke up at 4:00pm. So I scrambled to prep the tsimmes that I would put in the oven when we came home from daycare, and I made a farfel with tomato sauce and a 3 cheese blend. OK – it was totally for Malka, but OH my, was it SOOOOO good! Then I literally made it to daycare with minutes to spare, to learn that it was one of Malka’s boyfriend’s last days, (they’re moving to NJ), but that one of her pals from her baby room is taking Maxime’s place, so my secret plan to have all of her old baby room infiltrate the mini-toddler room that she is in is working (muhahahaha!)

But all of this to say, here it is, 11;18pm, and I’m NOT tired. Ugh. I’m going to try and go lie down and read for a bit and see if that works. It usually does. Because I have a big day at work tomorrow, and then 3 days home with the Malka Palka Pooka Palka (feel free to stop by and help me clean the house and keep me company and help with Malka care!) and then… and then… and then! MOMMY COMES HOME! And not just for a night, but mommy comes HOME. Now granted, she’s hopping right into a broadway tech schedule, but she’ll be home. And that will make all the difference. Oh sure, we’ll have some “re-entry” stuff, but I’ll just be grateful to have her home. And so will Malka. We’ve both missed her constant presence.

New pictures of the yummy tsimmes and other wonderful Pesach seder moments to come. I haven’t had a chance to upload pictures, but I will do so soon. Malka fell SO much in love with her cousin Enmanuel, it was wonderful to watch the two of them together. And as usual, Maria’s brisket was amazing.

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