More have been added…

As I was AT the petfood store on Sunday (happy that it was open, because the fur balls were low on their supplies), I CALLED Nutromax and spoke to a representative, and was told that the foods were CLEAR AND SAFE. So I stocked up. I had them OFF their food for a while, and we were using fancy feast in it’s stead, but I went ahead and got them their regular food on Sunday. And fed it to them for the past few days.

Then a NEW Press release came out YESTERDAY that MORE foods have been added to the recall.

So PLEASE, go here, and make sure that your furry kids are eating food that’s safe.

And back on the tuna fish they go. I’d keep them just on the dry food, but the senior citizens needs the “gravy” from the “cuts and gravy” to take their meds.

4 thoughts on “More have been added…

  1. Why do they have to put wheat gluten in cat food, anyway? That’s my question.
    We feed our guys Wellness, which is made with human-grade meat. Not that it couldn’t ever be contaminated, because obviously it could, but I do like to pay attention to my cats’ food and make sure I’m not giving them anything that’s superfluous.

    Okay, so this comment really has no point. I’m glad you are on the ball and keeping yuckiness away from your fuzzbutts.

  2. Scary! I have never been happier that we feed our kitties the hippy-crunchy human grade foods from the local stores – we’ve fed the Wellness before that Fostermom mentioned but right now they are getting Nature Praire Lamb and Oatmeal.

  3. We are on NutroMax Light (dry food) here, but I am switching her over to organic food only (sold here in PDX at Food Front) just to be safe. I will take no risks with my precious sassy girl!!

    I did notice, however, in a recent Sunday Oregonian, that there were a few “free” coupons for canned kitty food. Interesting.

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