can’t and can…

The following are a list of things we simply CANNOT live without:

-Our Ergo . As used in today’s monsoon; I put Malka into the ergo (ALL 31 pounds of her) in the back position (by myself, mind you!), walked with umbrella to the bus stop, and we took the bus to daycare. It was great! If I so much as LOOK at the Ergo in its lovely little cubby, Malka bounces and squeals with delight.

-Our Sit and Stroll. Malka is, (as mentioned above) a healthy 31 pounds. This puts her out of limits for most portable car seats (the bucket kind). Since we don’t have a car, and most of our car transport is either via cab, or “getting a lift from a friend,” We don’t need a big, bulky car seat. Plus, we need portability. Since this can hold a tot up to 40 pounds, and it converts into a stroller, and it FITS IN AIRPLANE SEATS, it’s a MUST have. Now it did take me a week of cursing and getting black and blue fore arms to used to the dang thing, but now that I am? It’s a DREAM, and it drives REALLY well, and is much more stable on streets than some people would claim.

The Sharper Image Sound Soother. When Malka was smaller, and would fall asleep in her stroller during one of our many many walks, we’d bring her into her room, still in the stroller, turn on the “city sounds” button, and leave the room. It gave us a much needed break. Now she goes to sleep to the general white noise sounds. But this is the only one we found that had the city sounds on it…

-Her cool mist humidifier. Not only does it have the added bonus of lovely white noise when on high, but it really gets her room to a decent 25-35% humidity level on those really dry days, which help her breathe better during (frequent, thanks to daycare…) congestion periods…

-Our Shampoo Rinse Cup. Malka has NEVER been a fan of having water near her face in large quantities (read: washing her hair) But since we found this thing that looks like a large yogurt container cut in half with a handle and a soft spot that conforms to the baby’s head, Malka’s allowed me to not only wash, but CONDITION her hair. As long as I play with the device, and use it as a water fountain that she can also “wash” her hands in, it’s all good.

-From when she was younger: the Sleep Positioner. It REALLY helped alivieate Malka’s reflux, and it also helped prevent that flat head thing that back-sleeping babies get. She used it from the time she came home (at 8 weeks, 5 days), to about 8 or 9 months old (when she could roll over to her tummy from her back).

And here are a few items that we CAN live without:

A bottle warmer – Seriously? we just nuke her milk for 20 seconds in a GLASS container then transfer to the bottle. She drank her formula at room temp – we never used the thing. (but THANK YOU Uncle Bobby, we meant to!)

Sleep Sacks. They work for some, totally NOT for miss thang. ‘nuf said.

Portable placemat. Yeah, I’m a suker. I bought it. NEVER used it. When we are out with Miss Malka Palka Pooka Palka? I just take a baby wipe and wipe the table. And hope the surrounding germs take that as a warning…

-The small, soft bath thinggy? We went straight to the EUROBATH; and continued using it until about a month and a half ago. But, as you can see, Cougie liked it…

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of them right now… care to add to the list?

6 thoughts on “can’t and can…

  1. Oh I just LOVE this post. πŸ™‚
    And you are so right on about the things you “can” live without. I just HAD to have a bottle warmer—yeah, never use it. Go figure.

    Off to go purchase the Eruobath!!! Never saw it before–but am intrigued now. πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, the bottle warmer is such a good idea…we got one you can plug into the car. It takes like 20 minutes to take the chill off, so it really wasn’t useful for us. It’s still in the glove compartment, though. And our bottle-drinker is long gone.
    I don’t think I need a breast warmer. πŸ™‚

    The thing we’ve found we don’t need is a slew of bottles. We used to have tons of them, and then we’d end up with a dirty bottle forest in the sink. With our last FD, we ended up rotating 2-3 bottles. We’d just wash them after ever feeding or so. MUCH easier.

  3. TOTAL agreement on the Ergo. The baby bjorn was in use for about one day before he got too heavy. I love that we can still use the Ergo at 1yr+ with my chunky little guy. We did get lots of use out of the sleep sacks though, but the swaddle blankets were a waste- he’d punch right through them!

  4. Love the Chicco Hippo Hook on High Chair – not only do we love it but servers at restaurants get a kick out of it. However – if you get this – it can only be used on tables that are bolted down (i.e., booths). Also can be used on 4 leg tables – tables with a center post – big no no – baby & food & drink will go flying πŸ™‚

    Also love my Babyhawk Mei Tai and I just bought a sling from Babe-A-Gogo. Very inexpensive – custom fit – Had it in two days (got the blue circles on brown) and it’s great for a hip or front carry on a toddler (Dylan is 28lbs).

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